OSWtv Update


Update Feb 2015
There are couple things you may’ve missed on OSWtv due to constant updating and added pages and pieces, so let me draw your attention to a couple things;
Down the right hand side we have links to great sites, deals and events for you to check out. This would be updated with new show posters semi-regularly, if you’re a promoter and want your poster there then contact me at VoiceOfOSW@gmail.com and we’ll sort that out.
At the top we have our menu bar with lots of things to read, over 140 articles including our OSWtv Meets series, my chronicle through life and wresting in A Journey Through Time, links to my articles for Across The Pond Wrestling and writing from guests like Jackie Grady and our monthly article from Craig Hermit of The Hermit Position. To quickly check a review that I have written of a show just click on Events Attended which lists the events…I have attended, funnily enough. There will be a link to the review be it a video or a written review.
We also have the semi-regular podcast linked on the top menu that will be expanded in 2015, just a case of making time to prepare and record. It will happen on a more regular basis, I would do it as a one man show but who wants to hear me ramble on for an hour eh!
Just added is Champions Corner where I will keep you in the know as to who the current champions are all over Scotland. It’s also in the top menu.
As always, we’d love to hear from you and if you want to write a piece or review a show then we’d be happy to provide a platform for that, just contact me at VoiceOfOSW@gmail.com.
I have a list of at least 12 events that I currently could attend this year and will be reviewing every single one for OSWtv, hopefully I can nab some interviews along the way. Watch this space.
Thank you for reading and supporting OSWtv.
– Billy