5 Shocks in 5 Weeks


It’s only February and 2015 has already seen some shocking developments in the crazy world of Scottish professional wrestling. Let’s look at the Top 5.
5. DCT wins a 24/7 shot for a championship match at anytime at Pride Wrestling “The Spy Who Pinned Me”. Actually this shouldn’t be a surprise, the event was his for the taking. The moustachio lothario now has the opportunity to have a championship match anytime he wishes. Considering the last two people to cash in this chance, Glen Dunbar and Jackie Polo, went on to win the Pride Championship the odds are in DCT’s favour, get ready to dial 69-69-0-0-0 when DCT lifts the Pride Championship.
4. Insane Championship Wrestling has a World Heavyweight Championship. Drew Galloway has defended his ICW title in Scotland, England, Denmark and the United States of America. ICW owner Mark Dallas has christened the belt the World Heavyweight Championship as it has been defended on two continents. Drew defended his Evolve Championship all over the world to elevate the championship and is doing the same with the ICW Championship which will make it hot property in any promotion it appears in.
3. The 55 were formed at ICW Square Go. James R Kennedy formed a new group following the ousting of Joe Hendry (Global Hero) following his loss to Kenny Williams at Spacebaws: Bill Murray Strikes Back. A team consisting of Martin Kirby, Sha Samuels, Timm Wylie and Kid Fite is a dangerous alliance. They ran roughshod over the Square Go before Kennedy led his stable away. They have unfinished business with Grado and I’m sure Kennedy will still be looking to gain revenge on his previous charges Kenny Williams and Joe Hendry (Global Hero).
2. The Sons of Silence revealed. The mysterious Sons of Silence had been causing trouble at Reckless Intent for months with a particular focus on RI Originals Rawlins and Mikey. They were revealed to be “The Superstar” and current UK Champion Darren Lewis, Graeme Leask and, most shocking, current RI Heavyweight Champion Scott “The Butcher” Renwick. They attacked Chris Renfrew, who declared that he was bringing some friends with him on his return in April. A video was posted following this with Renfrew declaring “N A K for Life!” The New Age Kliq is coming to Reckless Intent to take on the Sons of Silence.

1. Dickie Divers wins the Square Go. Yes you read that right, Dickie. Divers. Wins. The. Square. Go. An upset of the highest order when Divers eliminated fellow NAK brethren Chris Renfrew to win a championship match anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Could Dickie Divers be the next face of ICW?

Just missing out was Solar becoming SWA Junior Heavyweight Champion following his win over Wild Boar and Lewis Girvan and WrestleZone announcing their guests for Aberdeen Anarchy, D-Von Dudley, Chris Masters and Hardcore Holly.