An Official Scottish Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame in Dundee


It’s recently come to my attention that an Official Scottish Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame has been set up in the Dundee area with the first induction ceremony to take place the night before SWE Hell for Lycra XII on August 28th. 

The Official Facebook Page posted the following on 22/02;

“For many years now there has been talk of a Scottish Wrestling Hall of Fame and many of the Scottish promotions have their own. This HoF will be for every wrestler who has ever laced up a pair of boots and for every personality or crew member who has been in or around the circuit.
The panel of WOS wrestlers and independent associates will be responsible for choosing and inducting the candidates.

A group of the legends have spoken about setting this up on the fiftieth anniversary of World of Sport on ITV and it is finally coming to fruition. Over the coming months we will announce our first inductees.

Dates, venues and legendary stars are still to be announced.

A lot of wrestlings hertitage will be brought to the forefront of relevance in several shows. For example, we will be highlighting the many title changes that took place at the Caird Hall on the run up on SWEs Hell for Lycra XII.

This venture will be supported and spearheaded by multiple legends and historians of the mat industry.

We look forward to hearing from you, you can also email us with any special mentions or requests pertaining to any legendary workers of the business.”

This sounds like a great idea or project for Dundee. However, an Official Hall of Fame should take into account all Scottish wrestling promotions and by the sounds of it it will be an offshoot of Scottish Wrestling Entertainment. An SWE Hall of Fame would be grand, honouring those in the business that have helped pave the way for others to lace up a pair of boots and go out there to entertain fans from around the world.

I like the idea of an independantly run Hall of Fame in Scotland with a panel voting on who should be inducted. My only concern with this idea is that if it’s being advertised as an “Official” Hall of Fame and it’s being run in conjuction with SWE then people could be missed due to falling out or being on bad terms with the company. 

I reserve any major judgment until the first ceremony takes place. An independent Scottish Wrestling Hall of Fame would be a fantastic way to relive history and to discover more about professional wrestling in this country.

Who would you like to see be inducted into an independent Scottish wrestling Hall of Fame? Drew McDonald, George Kidd, Bill Dundee?

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