Who Will End Ian Ambrose’s Reign?


SWE Champion Ian Ambrose has held onto his Heavyweight Title for 13 months, turning back all challengers from the likes of former Champion Damian O’Connor to international talent like Gabriel Angelfyre and even his then-partner in crime Sammii Jayne, his methods of winning haven’t always been legal but they have seen him leave clutching his championship. The hashtag Scumbag has made many enemies during his run and this piece looks at the five men that could end his title reign.

1. LJT

– LJT has been putting in performance after performance in the last year, pushing himself to the front of the queue and challenging for the top prize in SWE. He is one of a short list that has pinned Ambrose for a three count in singles competition. On that occasion the title wasn’t on the line but LJT can lay claim as being the uncrowned champion.

2. Mikey

– Since arriving in SWE, Mikey has been a firm favourite with his fast paced moveset and high-flying ability. He’s had his run ins with Ian Ambrose already and has come close to beating the champion.

3. Joe Hendry

– The Global Hero himself has yet to taste gold in SWE. He’s been close on numerous occasions to capture the SWE Championship but has been thwarted by Ian Ambrose. Once Joe Hendry sets his sights on something it is very difficult to change that and it could be inevitable that the Global Hero becomes SWE Champion.

4. Scott Renwick

– Renwick has been tearing up SWE since he joined The Trident and with his battle royal win at the last Uprising show he will represent Scotland in the European Championship, something Ian Ambrose has done. A good showing would surely earn himself a shot at the SWE Heavyweight Championship.

5. Martyn Stallyon

– The man Ian Ambrose attacked and injured has been distracting Ian Ambrose from afar. Ambrose took umbridge of Stallyon being the golden boy of the SWE and tried to end the Englishman’s career. Stallyon would not only be after a championship he has yet to hold but will be looking for Ian Ambrose’s blood.  This will be a personal grudge match when Stallyon returns.

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