Who Will End Crusher Craib’s Reign?


Since regaining the WrestleZone Undisputed Championship 6 months ago from Jack Jester, in arguably the hottest feud in WrestleZone history, Crusher Craib has got back on the dominating path by booting all those that come near him. All signs point to Crusher having another long reign as Undisputed Champion but there are some challengers chomping at the bit to get a hold of the WrestleZone Undisputed Championship. Let’s look at five potential challengers to the gold.
1. Joe Coffey

– When Joe Coffey returned to WrestleZone he made it clear that he is gunning for Crusher with his brutal attack after their victory over Aspen Faith and Johnny Lions. The Iron Man of professional wrestling certainly has the tools to defeat Crusher with his deceptive quickness and stamina which has earned him the name Iron Man. The former SWA Zero1 Champion doesn’t lack in credentials either. It would be Crushers toughest test to date.

2. Aspen Faith

– Aspen Faith has come up just short on becoming WrestleZone Undisputed Champion, he is an incredible talent with a character that easily atagonises fans. The King of Catch has more tricks up his sleeve and it won’t be the last time he forces his way into the title picture.

3. Scotty Swift

– The Franchise of WrestleZone, the Crimson Warrior Scotty Swift has been out of the title picture for a while now, 2015 could be the year that Swift gets back into the hunt. He was close in Montrose in the fatal 4 way but came up short. Swift is a big favourite in WrestleZone and a showdown between him and Crusher would have a big fight feel in the eyes of the WrestleZone faithful.

4. Lord Alan Sterling

– Hear me out. Alan Sterling…sorry LORD Alan Sterling is treated as a comedy character but with a couple wins under his belt and an expansion of his royal cabinet I could see Sterling as a viable threat to Crushers title. So far he has his butler Jeeves Winchester, adding a royal court with maybe Mikkey Vago, Chris Archer and Super Executioner…okay maybe not Super Executioner, how about Kaden Garrick. But a team of vultures nontheless picking apart the champion would present Sterling as someone who could take the title into his court.

5. Zach Dynamite

– I bang on about it every time I mention Zach Dynamite, if he turns heel and joins Damien and Johnny Lions in The Revolution then Dynamite could take over WrestleZone. He’s quick, calculating and very confident in his own abilities. An attitude change could be all that separates Dynamite between him and the WrestleZone Undisputed Championship.

Who do you think will defeat the Creator of Carnage, the Beast of the North East, Crusher Craib and reign over WrestleZone? Contact us at VoiceOfOSW@gmail.com or post a comment below.