iRant 3: Women Can Wrestle


Women’s wrestling can be a touchy subject, with the recent hashtag of #GiveDivasAChance getting attention it’s putting a spotlight on women and in their in-ring prowess…or in WWE’s case the lack thereof. Now I don’t have to tell you that Scotland and the UK as a whole has the finest female wrestlers the world has to offer but even that it attached with a stigma programmed by WWE. Essentially the “Divas” match is the toilet break/cigarette break/excuse to stretch legs, basically do anything but watch the screen.

Unfortunately it doesn’t help that the biggest wrestling company in the world hires useless models and singers with no skill in athleticism or even with charisma with no desire to even learn their craft or use wrestling as a way to break into another form of entertainment. Even the “eye candy” factor isn’t even working now. They have about 5 actual WRESTLERS on the main roster but they are either paired with useless bags of silicone and plastic with the charisma of a vacuum cleaner or they are given less that 2 minutes to show what they can do and it isn’t enough. Even if they break the 3 minute mark the commentary team don’t care so why should we? It isn’t presented as a serious contest, or even something worth fighting for. It’s presented as letting virgins in their mothers basement watch women touch each other for a couple seconds so that they can put their hands down their pants for a moment before the big beefy men come back on screen.

Total Divas is another nail in the professional wrestling coffin, actually the word “Divas” in general. The men are SUPERSTARS but the women are…Divas. Yes, that’s the problem in one sentence. Women are inferior, the men are stars.

TNA have it just about right in terms of having a large portion of their female roster being wrestlers. The problem with TNA is that the women aren’t considered on par with the males even though they put on an equal-to-better performance in the ring. It’s a crazy world that in 2015 that there isn’t equality. Wait…this is a business that still doesn’t have a Union so equality might be a stretch in this millennia.

NXT have it right, which I know is an offshoot of WWE, but it’s presented so differently to WWE it is considered a separate entity. The women are used as much as the men, they have storylines, character development and, here’s the kicker, they can WRESTLE!

But regardless of which company they’re with, how hard they wrestle, due to this brainwashed mentality that WWE has given us, women have to work twice as hard to get half the respect that men get. A frustrating and shameful fact.

I pay more attention to the wrestlers in my country as they are presented as more than eye candy or a valet that wears something tight and acts provocatively. When a company with only female talent can put on a captivating show with everything from submission based technical contests, to brawling slugfests, to highflying action you know that they have something special.

There shouldn’t be this “female wrestler” and “male wrestler” divide. They are professional wrestlers regardless of gender and should be treated as such. We are truly spoiled in Scotland as we have the best WRESTLERS in the world right on our doorsteps so stop watching models rolling about the ring, go watch wrestlers do what they do best and that’s WRESTLE. I guarantee you that they are smart, sexy, powerful and everything else that WWE fails to deliver.


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