The Hermit Position: BCW Live in East Kilbride 20/02/15


In February, BCW made their way back to East Kilbride to a sell out show. The last time BCW was there, the building itself took a beating as much as the wrestlers did and on this night, the building may have been spared but every wrestler gave one hell of a show to leave the fans raving about what they witnessed.

Wolfgang def. Liam Thomson

Both men engaged in a hard fought and exciting opening bout, the two had their chances to win and in this encounter there could only be on winner.

In the early going of the match, Wolfgang had the control as Thomson had to withstand his warpath until he turned the tide as his opponent leapt off the top turnbuckle only to be caught with a knee to the mid-section. From there Thomson was relentless in punishing Wolfgang, executing the camel clutch to using the ropes to choke him.

Wolfgang wouldn’t be denied his chance at a victory as he fought back to hit a double axe handle from the top turnbuckle then a devastating spear and a slingshot into the turnbuckle followed up by a rollup to get the win leaving Thomson bitter in his defeat despite helping putting on an excellent bout.

Noam Dar def. Lou King Sharp

Before the match, Sharp spent time antagonising the fans and mocking them until his opponent arrived. Dar received a rapturous ovation from the crowd and this enjoyable match began.

The two men sized each other up, with wristholds and wristlocks before Dar took control over the overconfident Sharp. The bout soon went to the outside as Dar continued beating his smaller opponent, but as they went back into the ring, Sharp capitalised.

Viscously pummelling Dar with closed fists and dropkicks, Sharp gained near-falls but the match was brought to a standstill in a ‘Nutcracker moment’ as he “accidentally” hit a low blow on the referee, then deliberately hit a low blow on Dar and Dar retaliated with a low blow of his own on Sharp.

Being able to stand-up first, Sharp brought a steel chair into the ring intending to strike as the referee was still injured, except Dar intercepted, seized the chair and lightly hit the ref before throwing the chair to Sharp. Then the fans cheered as the referee slammed Sharp and this allowed Dar to hit his finisher to get the pinfall victory.

Switch and Saqib Ali def. Tony Martins and Taylor Bellando

The younger team of Martins and Bellando ran into the match with a head of steam that had the crowd cheering.

The duo double teamed Ali early on as Bellando hit a backbreaker while Martins leapt off the top turnbuckle with a double stomp for a near-fall.

Ali along with Switch turned the tide as their experience came into play as they exploited the referee when his back was turned and bent the rules to the chagrin of the fans.

Despite showing tremendous heart and producing some fantastic moves, the team of Ali and Switch were able to overcome there younger opponents in a good match.

Jack Jester def. Davey Blaze

Two of Scotland’s best wrestlers produced a fantastic match that the  confines of the ring couldn’t contain them. The bout started off with both men trading blows outside the ring and Jester gaining the advantage. As both entered the ring, Blaze fought back with a stunning enziguri.

Blaze continued to batter Jester to a mixed reaction from the crowd as both men had there share of fans that added to the excitement. But then Jester retaliated with stiff kick and a clothesline from the second turnbuckle.

The match continued to the outside as the chairs and the walls were being used as weapons for both men. Returning to the ring, Blaze, chair in hand stuck Jester hard and in-turn Jester returned the favour, for a near fall.

The superb match ended as Blaze did everything he could to defeat Jester but to no avail as his opponent connected with a tombstone piledriver to get the pinfall victory.

Damo O’Connor def. Joe Coffey

Two of the strongest men in the industry locked up in hard hitting, stiff contest that kept the fans guessing on the outcome.

Sizing each other up from the beginning as both men charged with shoulder blocks that left no one with the advantage. O’Connor used his size to stun Coffey and methodically punish his back by using a modified camel clutch to get a near submission.

Coffey’s raw power allowed him to escape and launch into a barrage of offensive moves ranging from a clothesline from the top turnbuckle to an amazing deadlift back suplex that rocked his larger opponent.

However, O’Connor’s resilience allowed him to gain the victory after he stuck with a driver over his shoulder to leave the fans wanting more from the two after this great match.

Kenny Williams def. Arron Echo

This fast paced encounter demonstrated the best things about the UK wrestling industry as both men told a great story within the ring before the crowd.

The bout began with Williams launching into an array of dropkicks and high kicks but Echo fought back with a long standing suplex.

The two men countered move after move with each other to have the crowd in awe and the finale came when Echo looked to have Williams beaten until he fell victim to his opponents finisher to the cheers of the appreciative crowd.

BCW Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat
Kid Fite (c) def. B.T Gunn and Stevie Xavier

The main event between BCW Champion Kid Fite and No1 contender, B.T Gunn, was gatecrashed by Gunn’s tag team partner, Stevie Xavier, who asked if they could make it a triple threat match. .

Before the match began, Fite took the microphone and endorsed Xavier to join the match, as he stated that the Tag Team Champions would disintegrate in there desire to gain his Championship. To the delight of the fans they agreed and it became a triple threat bout

What occurred was one of the best matches this writer has ever witnessed, exactly what you would want to expect in a match involving the Heavyweight and the Tag Team Champions.

The BCW Champion stood on the outside witnessing the Tag Team Champions battle among themselves, but as he stood bragging about his earlier prediction, he was struck with a suicide dive through the ropes by Xavier.

All three men put on a masterclass of wrestling, all three looking strong and performing great spots. From Xavier hitting a dropkick on both Gunn and Fite as they sat upright to Gunn, who has the best thrust kick in the industry, blasting both his opponents and then Fite who decimated Xavier with a powerbomb into a throw into the turnbuckle.

The near twenty minute masterclass drew to a close as Fite locked on the anklelock to Gunn and as he screamed in pain, Xavier struck with the Shining Wizard to save his friend, but as he surveyed the damage in the ring, he then seized an ankle lock on the injured Gunn and twisted, as Gunn looked to tap, the Champion rolled Xavier up from behind, gained the pinfall to leave with the Championship once again and the Tag Team Champions remaining in the ring, defeated and far from united.