OSW Chat V: British Wrestling On TV?

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Is there a wrestling company in the UK that is ready to hit prime time tv? The answer is yes. There are many viable options but I’m going to talk about one company that is close to home and has been making waves in TV land in the last 12 months. Insane Championship Wrestling. 

ICW is often compared to ECW in its hardcore wrestling, technical bouts and rabid fan following. Mark Dallas is Paul E, the mastermind behind this cult phenomenon and has taken a company that drew less than 50 people in Maryhill to over 1200 in the Barrowlands in Glasgow. It was done through hard work, strong booking and a never say die vision to take British wrestling by the balls and drag it to mainstream prominence again.

The BBC have aired two Insane Fight Club documentaries that have received high praise from, not just wrestling fans, but critics and the general public that didn’t even know British wrestling still existed. It’s made a star out of Graeme Stevely aka Grado, who showed his charisma and charm which landed acting offers and gigs across the pond. It showed that British wrestling isn’t two fat guys “bumping tummies” anymore, it’s a living, breathing business with athletes. It’s showmanship, it’s excitement, it’s action of the highest quality.  

With the return of Drew Galloway to Scotland, he has declared that he will get Scottish wrestling onto television. Mark Dallas has taken himself away from on-camera duties to work behind the scenes to get ICW a television deal. The ICW OnDemand Network is bursting at the seams with top quality content. If you haven’t got on board the Scottish wrestling train yet then hop on because you are in for the ride of your life. 

Insane Championship Wrestling isn’t all about the bloodshed and carnage, as I compared them to ECW above, they have a mix of technical contests, comedy spots, highflying masterpieces and the blood, sweat and tables. It’s the total package in professional wrestling. It’s ready to be on TV, it just needs the greenlight.

Before I start putting links to OSWtv etc. I have to address the Simon Cowell wanting British wrestling back on TV story that’s been going round. I would love nothing more than to see wrestling on TV again, with STV apparently showing interest from a source I have, Simon Cowell may be the guy with the connections and pursestrings to facilitate getting professional wrestling back onto mainstream TV. On the flip side, however, we watch X-Factor, Britains Got Talent and whatever else Syco produces and it’s based on sobstory drama and it doesn’t fill me with confidence to think that Simon Cowell could make a product that wrestling fans would draw themselves to and it could end up being another Celebrity Wrestling hosted by Dermot O’Leary or Ant and Dec.

So what are your thoughts? Is there a company that you think is ready to make an impact on mainstream TV? Progress, PCW, Southside, PBW, I want to hear for you.

– Billy