March Update


Howdy folks, it’s Billy here the big cheese at OSWtv. This is the March update to let you know what’s happening behind the scenes at OSWtv and what to expect in the next couple of months.

I’m really tired, exhausted even. This isn’t a complaint as I have spent a good year putting up content and asking people to do Q&A’s and articles. It’s been great, it really has. Right now though I’m looking at regular weekly content to lift some of the weight from my shoulders. It was part of the reason I contacted RFPW to set up a partnership. I wanted to provide some unique content on the website and nothing is more unique than an e-fed youtube show. I chose RFPW specifically because of their wrestlers on the show like Noam Dar and Davey Blaze to keep the Scottish wrestling connection. Hopefully a few of my own creations will also appear on the show as I have a Kevin Williams caw that I took hours to make and was worth every second. They provide 3 shows a week which will be shared on our website.

Along with the RFPW content we’ll have the weekly Championship Spotlight, it connects rather handily to the Champions Corner section of the site so you can quickly check out some facts about your favourite championship. This is a work in progress as not all wrestling promotions have a championship history page to work from and if they do, the dates aren’t really helpful. 

We also have The Hermit Position monthly which provides some great content and we’re always on the lookout for writers. If you’re interested, please contact us

Outside of website things I have been in discusions to do an interview with two of my favourite wrestlers plus getting a couple of audio pieces being arranged in the next couple of weeks. So that will be exciting, I haven’t done a lot of audio work so getting into that will be a great experience. Podcast is always to be arranged and time is a factor but it will happen.

I’m still looking to preview and review every show I get to this year with the addition of previewing some events I might not be in attendance for but will certainly worth checking out.

So overall the site might get a little quiet but will still have weekly uploads, the Facebook page will still be as active as ever.

Thanks to all that have been involved with OSWtv so far, let’s make 2015 a big one!

– Billy