The Hermit Position 

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of the ‘Hermit Positions’ so if go off on any tangents, I apologise in advance.

This month, I’ve travelled to Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Elite, the Preston City Wrestling Supershow Weekend then I’ll will be capping it off with Pride on the 28th and Insane Championship Wrestling Barramania event on the 29th. A lot in a month right? But…when you think of it and just how many amazing events there are in the UK, not really.

Steady now, I can feel people reading this saying, “Easy for you to say, I have a girlfriend! A family! A job! And drinking to do!” 

All true and I’m the same. How does a dedicated wrestling fan choose between the barrage of great events also striking the balance between there wrestling addiction and there personal lives?

Do the wrestling fans see what’s in the local area and just go to it? Sometimes, but not always, because that’s no guarantee you’ll see the best ring action. Maybe click on the internet, go to the website and discover that the site they visit is months out of date? So assuming that there using the internet, what’s left? The reviewers and bloggers.

Yes, the reviewers/bloggers, the people who spend there nights, bus/train journeys writing about what they have just witnessed and then try to convey everything they saw into an explosive word frenzy for anyone to read over social media. 

Who can do this? Anyone, and I mean anyone. 

You got a phone? Yes? You can do it.
You got a computer? Yes? You can do it.
You got a pen and paper? Yes? You can do it too.

You get where I’m going with this, right? it’s easy to do this job but…(yeah, there was a massive “but” coming in that sentence)…to write at a level when people want to read your article and rely on your judgement that’s something entirely different.

Case in point, for a year and half, I’ve been working away, blogging, writing, learning, using the feedback that my more experienced wrestling friends having given me to produce articles and reviews that I’d be and I hope others would be happy to read about.

However, a few months ago I wrote an article on a wrestler, it was well intentioned and a positive article at that, but when I had nailed two reviews and a ten hour shift at my other job earlier that night, we can safely say at 4am my brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders. This was no excuse, I forgot my old mantra, if a wrestler is giving 100% in that ring, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t either when writing about them. Logically, I should have left it and one more day wouldn’t have hurt but I didn’t.

It was an awful article that was published and people who were used to my work being “not bad to read”, criticised it and rightly so, it wasn’t good. Then there were others, the trolls, they poured viscous and personal scorn on  everything I did since I started writing. 

It hurt. What do you do after that? Personally I quit writing for bit. To be precise, three weeks. For any blogger, writer, dedicated wrestling fan, that’s a lifetime dammit.

My friends asked me, “When are you writing again?” I couldn’t, I didn’t have the heart to put pen to paper, I mean who doesn’t enjoy feeling sorry for themselves from time to time. This changed when I sat down talking about wrestling events on social media with my wrestling family – the teams I write with Wrestle Ropes, the Indy Corner, OSWtv & Total Wrestling Magazine – and they challenged me to try it again.

Taking there challenge on, I produced a piece on the PCW website and it was well recieved. Redeemed right? Wrong. 

The article was a learning curve, before any piece, including this, I now hand in I don’t just read it over, I read it out loud. I read it again and again and again, and again so much so that OCD suffers could sit back and admire the lengths I go to to make sure the mistakes previously doesn’t happen again. I’m not saying my articles are going to be perfect, they’re not, grammar people. Also I’m not saying people should do this for there articles either, I’m saying this is how I try to stop this happening again and over time it’ll ease.

What’s the point of this “Hermit Position” then? 

1) If you’re a blogger/reviewer you should realise the importance of your articles. If you are writing about a show, anyone could read it. After all, anyone who types a show or wrestling name into Google and finds your review about that show, they are putting their faith in you to decide whether they go to the next show or not.

2) Never underestimate the power of your wrestling family and the wrestling world. For every dickhead so called wrestling fan out there, there are an amazing band of supportive wrestling fans out there to help you when you need them.

3) And finally, the UK wrestling scene, still  produces the best wrestling I have ever seen.

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