iRant IV: If The Boot Fits

So for those avid readers of OSWtv you may remember I said that there was one downer at WrestleZone Regal Rumble and it’s something that annoys me on a regular basis. It’s fans who insert themselves into shows, start inappropriate chants at FAMILY shows, chanting other promotions. I’ll tackle each thing individually. This isn’t the first time I’ve wrote about this and it won’t be the last time.


1) Fans who insert themselves into the show. I pay my money for a ticket to watch the wrestlers in the ring. I don’t pay my money to watch you square up to wrestlers, lay your hands on wrestlers, I don’t pay to see you. If you don’t think that you are getting your moneys worth, it doesn’t give you an excuse to get involved. If you want to touch the wrestlers, go to training, get booked and be a wrestler. Or wait for them after the show to meet them, not mid-match. Also if you are in the middle of an aisle in a seated area, don’t stand up in the middle of the match…for the remainder of the match. There are people behind you that can’t see because you are blocking. Again, I paid my money to watch the wrestlers, I didn’t pay to see your arse in my face. Sometimes there are exceptions to the rules, a wrestler can get their character over more by arguing and interacting with fans in the crowd. Verbal actions, not physical.


– NEVER TOUCH A WRESTLER. Slapping hands with the good guy as they enter, aye. Squaring up and putting your hands on them is a no no. They get paid, they risk their body to entertain us. I have no sympathy for a fan that gets knocked down, thrown out and hurt because they decide to get in on the action.


2) Starting inappropriate chants at FAMILY shows. Basically put, if a group of you get drunk at family shows that’s your perogative, but it is a family show and there are children in the crowd. They aren’t there to hear you swearing and threatening wrestlers or other fans because they have a differing opinion. It isn’t an over 18 event, it’s supposed to be fun for the whole family. I wouldn’t want to take any child I have to an enviroment where yobs swear blindly at everything. I accept that sometimes it slips out, the odd eff and shh. But chants like “F*ck em up ______, f*ck em up” ain’t acceptable. Know where you are and show some respect for those in attendance.


3) Chanting for other promotions. It’s just plain disrespectful to the guys that have put on the event for you to watch. Of course sometimes there are exceptions to this, company invasion angles and the like. But 9/10, you paid to watch a companies show, why chant for another promotion. It’s mindless, “oh he works somewhere else, I’ll chant that to look cool”. In the same vain I heard a “Let’s Go Cena, Cena Sucks” chant, in what way does that work in any event, anywhere in Scotland. I’ll tell you what happened, an STF was locked in. Yes, someone used an STF and a Cena shant (sh!t chant) started. I don’t get it. I must not be cool enough to “get” it. Oh and “What?” chants during promos? 2001 called and wants its chant back.


I think that’s the short and skinny of it, it’s done to look cool. You’re with your mates, you have a bevvy or two, think you are untouchable. I might be wired up differently and I respect people have a difference viewpoint on how they watch wrestling. I watch the show, I switch off from reality for that 3 hours and become engrossed in the story, the moves, the action. I also don’t understand why fans pay to go to a show, get drunk, leave early and miss the rest of the event. What was the point in going? 


Och I dunno. Maybe I am different.