Scottish State of Mind


When Billy asked me to write this article firstly I was flattered by the idea that someone would actually want to listen to my inane ramblings on a subject I’m very enthusiastic about. 

Secondly I was struck with a big dose of fear when he basically told me I could write about whatever I wanted. It’s funny when you interact with people on social media and talk to friends about wrestling you always have plenty to say but as soon as someone offers you a platform to express your views in whatever way you want…the mind just goes blank.

I thought for a while about what the hell I actually had to say. After a while I realised there is one seemingly insignificant thing separates me from most others I converse with regarding wrestling . With the biggest wrestling event on the planet on the horizon this weekend I realised I don’t really watch wrestling on TV any more. In fact I don’t watch it on TV at all. I’m not saying this makes me special or better than anyone in any way but theres definitely something in there about the overall quality of Scottish wrestling these days.

When held up against watching the likes of Mikey Whiplash or Joe Coffey ply their trade in front of a live audience the thought of sitting on the couch watching a 3 hour weekly TV show about what’s trending on Twitter completely bores the arse off me. Even more so I’m at the point where the previously mentioned huge show in San Francisco on Sunday doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I’m far more invested the characters I’ve seen develop in front of my own eyes over the years I have been attending the shows on my own doorstep than I am about nearly everything on the telly these days. Be it wrestling or any other show.

This isn’t the usual diatribe about how crap the WWE is but more me attempting to sing the praises of the people involved in Scottish wrestling today. The shows are better than they’ve ever been, this much has been shown by the ever increasing number of people flocking on the door at every show up and down the country. If you told me 10 years ago when I was sitting at a wrestling show in East Kilbride with 50 people that I’d be able to attend a sold out show at the Barrowlands before I turned 30 I’d have probably laughed at you. 

Here I sit typing mere days away from the second such show on these shores in the space of 6 months. Can you honestly sit there and try to tell me the ICW main event at the Barrowlands isn’t more interesting than the main event that same evening in the Levi’s Stadium?

Now I can not guess that if you are reading this you already know most of what I’m saying is true, or you think I’m a blithering idiot. If you are perhaps new to your local wrestling scene & curious about what I’m saying is going on just turn off the TV and get out there. You won’t regret a minute of it.

With all the phenomenal talent working right on my own doorstep you’ll forgive me if I don’t switch the telly back on just yet. There’s plenty more to come from wrestling in this country in the coming months and years. I for one am itching to see where it goes next.

Paul (AKA @StramashWrestle)