Don’t Blink: Wrestlers on TV

It happens every day, you sit down, put on the TV. Suddenly you recognise a face on the screen. You’ve seen them battering other humans, kicking them in the face live in front of your very eyes. Yet surprised when you see them outside of the ring and find out that there is more to their life’s than fighting between the ropes for our enjoyment. Here are a couple examples;

(I’ve not counted wrestling based programming like Insane Fight Club, WWE, Impact Wrestling and TNA British Bootcamp)


Big Brother

– River City


Davey Blaze

Take Me Out



– The Sunny

– Don’t Drop the Baton

– Scotland in a Day

Scot Squad

– River City


Scotty Swift

Judge Rinder


Johnny Lions

Judge Rinder


The likes of Jack Jester, Lou King Sharp, Charles Boddington and Kenny Williams have popped up on River City in the first episode of Grado’s Buster character. Jester as “The Stag” and the others in the audience during Buster vs The Stag. Kid Fite has also appeared in River City.

Kid Fite appeared in Take Me Out as Davey Blaze’s mate. 

Joe Hendry has been popping up on RAW regularly but you may’ve missed him appear in last years STV Appeal dressed as Scooby Doo.

Speaking of RAW, though I haven’t counted wrestling programming in this article, you may notice when WWE comes to England to tape RAW and Smackdown the Rosebuds look familiar. In recent tours the Rosebuds have included Scottish wrestlers Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, Sara, Nikki Storm, Carmel Jacobs and Joe Hendry. Joe Hendry and Lionheart also appeared as Rusev’s Russian Security.

Of course this is just scratching the surface and I’m sure that you can think of other examples. Contact us if there are big ones that you think we’ve missed.