Armchair Booker: Night of Champions


You’re in charge of producing an event featuring the top champions from across Scotland in a Night of Champions. You must use the 14 champions below plus two wild cards, this wild cards could be any wrestler, male or female, they could be an international name or an active wrestler in the UK. It is down to you whether titles are on the line, what the stipulations may be, everything.


1. Drew Galloway (ICW)

2. Joe Hendry (SWE/Reckless Intent)

3. Kid Fite (BCW/SSW)

4. El Ligero (PBW)

5. Joe Coffey (WrestleZone)

6. Grado (Pro Wrestling Elite)

7. Kay Lee Ray (Fierce Females)

8. Doug Williams (SWA)

9. Jack Jester (Rock N Wrestle)

10. Nathan Reynolds (W3L)

11. Liam Watson (Showcase Pro Wrestling)

12. Solomon (Caithness Pro Wrestling)

13. Jackie Polo (Pride)

14. Chris Sabin (Discovery Wrestling)


16. -WILD CARD- 


Send your match cards to the best ones will be featured on the site and Facebook page.


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