5 Star Wrestling – A Quick Uninsightful Review



With a heafty price tag of £19.99, I was sceptical about purchasing this PS3-PSN exclusive. I had been seeing the Facebook updates for 2 years and was looking forward to getting my hands on the game though, the PS2 feel that reminded me of Legends of Wrestling (which I enjoyed even though the controls made me want to throw my controller as far as the lead would allow). 


After getting mixed response online when I asked if I should buy it, pay day arrived and I took the chance. Now this isn’t a critical review about drives, graphic cards, pixels or any of that stuff as I am clueless. I just like to click buttons and not lose. 


After a long loading time I went to Exhibtion to find only one match type, Wrestling Match. Alright, at least it gets me a feel for the game before entering challenge mode. There’s a choice of 8 wrestlers and they are thinly veiled parodies of existing wrestlers which did give me a chuckle, expecially their entrance themes. 


Gameplay itself can be clunky, with the reversal system being frustratingly slow. Wrestlers floating, disappearing and reappearing at different parts of the ring, glitchy things like that. Little things that patches would most likely (hopefully) fix. Thankfully the glitches don’t happen too often otherwise I would be looking to purchase a new TV.


Challenge mode is just that, challenging. I found out slowly how to gain more stars in matches and it can’t be done simply battering your opponent for 3 minutes. It has to be a long drawn out match, which in turn also helps you discover the controls more and get to experiment with the multiple options for finishers which can be done pretty much everywhere. 


The multiple tiers gives plenty of options for challenge mode, from standard wrestling matches to falls count anywhere, submission, two out of three falls, first blood and last man standing with plenty of objectives to attain. Lots to keep you occupied even if the matches can get somewhat repetitive once you get a hang of each wrestlers moveset.


Overall the price is a bit high for what you get but with the promise of plenty downloadable features this could be a way to get the payment out of the way early and just enjoy the content. The game is a mix between old wrestling games like the aforementioned Legends of Wrestling series plus even a little bit of WWF Attitude and bringing in some great new features like apron finishers and the rating system. I’d like to see more wrestlers be added to mix up the gameplay a little (Hoc Kogan, Jon Prototype, Daze Barista, Ultimo Warrior and Hunter Hurts Helms being names off the top of my head). 


If you like wrestling games though, give it a shot.


Find out more on Facebook, plenty of competitions and the like at https://www.facebook.com/5StarWrestling