The New Age Kliq Family Values: 5 Reasons Why The NAK Will Take Over Scottish Wrestling

Photo credit Warrior Fight Photography

The most dangerous faction/family in professional wrestling today reside in Insane Championship Wrestling. The New Age Kliq consist of wrestlers that have held multiple heavyweight, tag team and just about every tier of championship from around Scotland. A force of nature that not just create an anarchic atmosphere to any setting but provide entertaining moments and memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s blood, sweat and carnage or highflying aerial assaults or a crisp wrestling clinic, you get all of that in one place, one Kliq.




“a small close-knit group of people who do not readily allow others to join them.”




a group of people who are generally not blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals and, frequently, live together”


The New Age Kliq has seen many forms in terms of a faction but now it’s a unit like no other. A family bond that doesn’t happen overnight, a bond that takes a lifetime to build and takes an army to break. 


So here are 5 reasons why The New Age Kliq will take over Scottish wrestling.


5. Tag Team Specialists


BT Gunn has held tag team gold in ICW, PBW, BCW and PWE  in Scotland. His tag team partners for those reigns? Chris Renfrew (ICW/PWE) and Stevie Boy Xavier (BCW/PBW). With Gunn having success with both partners in multiple promotions he would be a key figure in ruling Scotland’s tag team division.


4. Holding The Gold


In Scotland, Stevie Xavier currently holds the ICW Zero Gravity Championship and the BCW Tag Team Championships with BT Gunn, Kay Lee Ray is the first, current and only Fierce Females Champion. Wolfgang was the first Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion in Scotland by winning the SWA, BCW and PBW Heavyweight Championships along with holding Zero G gold in ICW. As mentioned above, BT Gunn has held numerous tag team titles with Renfrew and Xavier plus the ICW Heavyweight and Target Heavyweight Championships. This is just scratching the surface. None of the members of The NAK are strangers to holding titles and know what it takes to keep a hold of championships at all costs.


3. Blood Is Thicker Than Sweat


BT Gunn and Wolfgang had a bloody rivalry that would never be duplicated in its personal motive and dangerous actions. From being hung from cages, throw from stages, had chairs dented by their skulls, blood spilled all over the country and these two are cousins. If they are willing to do that to their own flesh and blood, God have mercy on whoever steps in their path. Chris Renfrew has bleed more than I have had hot dinners with an enjoyment in making others bleed and torturing their soul. 


2. By Any Means Necessary


Whether it’s using pawns like Rob Cage or Dickie Divers to further their goals, using their numbers advantage or taking any shortcut to their benefit. The NAK have always got a plan, a high threshold for pain and no fear. Though they may not always win the battles…they always win the war. 


1. NAK Till Death


Chris Renfrew cries “NAK Till Death” which isn’t just a catchy slogan for t-shirts but a promise that each member makes. They will be loyal, The New Age Kliq is etched into their DNA, their soul. Having their eyes opened to the infinite possibilities and goals that being together as a unit will accomplish just makes them even more of a danger. Everyone make have to tread lightly, unless they want to be made a victim of The New Age Kliq.




So there you have it, 5 reasons why The New Age Kliq will take over Scottish professional wrestling. What do you think of The New Age Kliq? Email us at or tweet us @VoiceOfOSW