iRant V: TNA Minimum Impact Tour



So TNA recently announced that their UK tour will take place in January with three “HUGE” dates in Manchester, Birmingham and London. I’m no geography wizard but for a UK tour they’ve forgotten 3 countries in the UK. Now usually they just forget Wales and Northern Ireland and hit Glasgow, Manchester and London. Which, if I was Welsh or Irish, I’d be peeved about anyway. But now they’ve forgotten my country and pawning off a UK tour as merely 3 nights in England (sounds like a poor(er) sequel to Another Night in Chyna). I was hearing that TNA got the Hydro for free last year which begins to make more and more sense from a company who struggles to draw triple figure attendances in their own land.


But to call it a “UK” tour is a cheek. A company that has promised an even more family friendly experience but will have less dates for families to try and attend. Defies logic. The nearest event for Scots is now Manchester and although there are reports that petitions are going around for the North of England to become part of Scotland…it’s not the case.


Maybe they think Scotland got independence and think they aren’t part of the UK anymore, sounds like the incorrect or out of date information they hold along with a list of relevant MMA fighters. If they were cutting costs then take out one of the shows in England. By not having the Glasgow show it alienates fans North of the border, which is something we may be accustomed to but it’s disrespectful nonetheless.   


Well done TNA.