REVIEW: My SWE Uprising Experience 16/02/13

SWE Uprising 16/02/13

The morning of SWE Uprising I spent packing and getting ready for work. 4 hours answering calls about insurance which I would’ve rather skipped. Only 4 hours I said. Half past 1 fast approached and I was on my way to Aberdeen to pick up my mate Robert, he stopped watching wrestling around 1999 but was happy to come along to support me and get bladdered afterwards. I made it to Aberdeen in good time, got some food and made the journey down to Dundee.

We arrived at a Travelodge without booking a room only to find they were fully booked. I put the next postcode into my TomTom and ended up at the Ardler Complex. Wrong postcode. Put in the next one and ended up at the Travelodge again. This was turning into a classic trip with us two, getting lost. Finally we made it to a Premier Inn and they had a room free. We got in, relaxed then booked a taxi to the Ardler Complex.

We queued up to get our tickets and took our seats. Just as I sat down I was whisked away behind the curtain and met my rivals Alex & Stevie (well, he was his calm alter-ego Jamie at the time) along with the rest of the stars of the show. We were all nervous. Nothing planned for our one minute promo. We were told when we were going on, after match three and what we were to do. Stand, introduce yourselves then 1 minute promo. Sounds easy?

The show starts and I’m pacing back and forth, shaking hands with everyone behind the curtain speaking to everyone and anyone trying to take my mind off the nerves. First match done and I still have no idea what I’m going to do. Match two finished and I have an idea. I thought I could start with the ol’ New Age Outlaws intro, plug myself then sweet talk the audience. Good plan.

Match three begins and I have what I’m going to say all ready. My plan would work, the crowd would dig it. Closer and closer the time was coming.

It’s my time.

The music hit and Alex, Stevie, myself and Chaz walked to the ring. Slapping hands with the crowd, like we were superstars. We entered the ring. Any confidence I had disappeared. We were introduced, I held the mic and meakly said, “I’m Billy Strachan and I travelled too far to leave disappointed” almost throwing the mic back to Stuart Webster of Tay FM (Edit: It Was Callum McMinn SWE Ring Announcer). Alex delivered a perfect speech, now it was my turn. I knew what I wanted to say…nope it disappeared. My mind was blank, I spoke nonsense. Chaz was shouting at the crowd, my instinct went, “Chaz shut up, this is my time to talk” then blabbered more rubbish. No one heard what I said. I was booed for telling the heel to shut up. This wasn’t going well. Stevie was…well…Stevie. He told himself not to swear and within five words he forgot and uttered the F bomb. Women covered their childrens ears. Near riots didn’t happen. We were on the home straight. Out of the ring we went, the guys in the back clapped, shook hands. I felt like I failed but was happy I got out there and went for it.

We all had time with David, Alan and Charles going through my performance, the videos and my campaign. The biggest draw back was the travel for me. 130 miles for each show was just too much. The silver lining is they want to keep me involved in some way. I’ve done what I set out to do and get my foot in the door of the wrestling business.

Alex won and rightfully so, but my night wasn’t over.

The show ended with Steven Magners beating Bravehart by DQ and Robert and I headed into a taxi to get to a bar.

We got turned away at two private parties and ended up at the Bush Inn. Less than an hour in there was a fight. Welcome to Dundee.

Now I could go into detail what happened at Kage Nightclub but I remember very little other than getting my face painted like Ultimate Warrior, running to the bar like Ultimate Warrior and generally acting like a fool. I woke up in the hotel room so that was an achievement.

Overall it was a packed weekend and I look forward to Hell for Lycra X in August.