REVIEW: SWE Hell for Lycra X 24/08/13

SWE Hell for Lycra X – 24/08/13

New Champions & History Made 

Hell for Lycra is Scottish Wrestling Entertainments biggest show of the year and the 10th edition offered a huge line up as always. In recent years it has included former WWE stars and legends but this year they went for a best of British theme with TNA British Boot camp runner up “Party” Marty Scurll, Doug Williams and internet sensation Grado as the guests. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase joined SWE for his fifth Hell for Lycra and was putting his ownership on the line against Bravehart.

To open the show Bravehart & Ted Dibiase appeared on the big screen discussing their match in the main event, Ted revealed he would not be wrestling at Hell for Lycra and had paid for a replacement Doug Williams. Bravehart asked his former tag team partner Claymore to represent him, the same man that turned on Bravehart for Ted’s money. Claymore accepted Bravehart’s offer and the main event was set.

Our first match was Chaz Phoenix, “The Gear of War” Kevin Williams & Nikki Storm against Grado, “The Butcher” Scott Renwick (replacing Mad Man Manson who could not attend due to travel problems) & Sammii Jayne accompanied by Super Stevie Simmons. This match had two back stories leading into Hell for Lycra with Stevie Simmons being a thorn in Chaz Phoenix’s side since February and Sammii Jayne seeking to beat Nikki Storm who defeated Sammii at Hell for Lycra IX. Grado whipped the crowd into frenzy every time he entered the ring. Sammii picked up the win with an enziguri onto Nikki Storm.

Bete Noire faced Viper next with the Dundee Roller Girls surrounding the ring. At Hellbound, Bete picked up a win in a triple threat that also included Sammii Jayne. Viper snapped and attacked Sammii and the referee after the bell before the Dundee Roller Girls turned up to stop Viper causing further damage. This match was very physical as expected with both ladies trading hard blows. Viper threw everything at Bete and she wouldn’t stay down. Eventually Viper hit the Glam Slam and picked up the one, two and three. After the match Viper hit a Michinoku Driver onto the referee again and left with her head held high.

The Future Division championship was on the line when Martyn Stallyon was pitted against “Party” Marty Scurll. The match started fast paced and didn’t slow down, Stallyon was able to keep Scurlls shoulders down on the match long enough to retain in what was arguably the match of the night. After the bell they shook hands as a mark of respect. Stallyons Syndicate comrades Williams & Phoenix entered the ring and, in a shocking moment, attacked the champion effectively kicking Stallyon out of The Syndicite.

“The Very Good” Mr Euan G Mackie & “Ravishing” Randy Valentine settled their rivalry in a Nursery Krymes match which the only legal weapons are children’s toys. This match had it all with an Iron Man mask, a ball pit, a dolls buggy and glow sticks coming into play. The highlight was Randy pulling out a black bag full of Lego, both men felt the sharp pain of Lego as they were both thrown onto the pile at different points. Mr Mackie won with use of a space hopper.

After the interval the ladder match with a shot at the Future Division championship on the line. Lots of high flying from Robbie Solar, Dr Effen transformed into Mr Awesome and tore everyone apart before being tied up with cable ties and trapped on a ring post. Scotty Riccio and Jason Costello met in the ring, both men met in the first match at Hell for Lycra in 2004, Costello low blowed Riccio and grabbed the contract.

The European Championship tournament final between “Celebrity” Rob Cage and “All Night” Ian Ambrose gave their all in a tight contest. Cage was punished by Ambrose with submissions but “The King of the Shining Wizard” won with just that, a shining wizard out of nowhere and England’s Rob Cage lifted the trophy.

First of the double main event was the SWE Championship match. The Rapping Drummer preformed “Tenacious” Johnny Lions new entrance music and the former SWE Champion received a loud reaction. Damian O’Connor vowed to become the first Irish SWE Champion and the crowd were behind him. Just before the champion Mr News entered he finally found Ted Dibiase and tried one more time to get out of his title defence due his wrist injury, unfortunately, Ted had none of it and Mr News had to enter the Lions Den or the Sloshers Circle. News tried every trick in the book but fell to a Bann River Boot and Damian O’Connor became the first Irish SWE Champion.

The final match of the event had the future of the SWE on the line. Bravehart vs Dibiase for the final time. Claymore and Doug Williams pulled out all the stops to try and get the W but Dibiases interference came back to haunt him as Doug Williams prepared to level Claymore with the Million Dollar belt but was stunned by a superkick and was down for the three. Bravehart lead the crowd in a final goodbye to Ted.

SWE are back on the 31st at the Ardler Complex with all the fall out of Hell for Lycra X.