REVIEW: SWE Uprising 25/01/14 

SWE Uprising 25/01/14

Scotty Riccio vs Little Johnny Trouble LJT – No Contest

Riccio entered with his ribs taped after getting attacking by The Trident at Season’s Beatings. LJT targeted Riccio’s ribs with stretches and a wicked gutbuster. Riccio fought back, he went for a springboard moonsault which LJT countered with putting his knees up. LJT went up to the top rope when a guy with a Scotty Riccio mask jumped the rail and pushed LJT off the top rope. A guy with a red Aces and Eights mask who was sat a couple seats away from me jumped the rail and beat down Riccio and LJT before unmasking to reveal themselves to be The Trident. A big guy in the crowd removed his Rey Mysterio mask and it was the big guy from The Trident. He proceeded to double chokeslam Riccio and LJT to leave them laying.

Great heated moment, the crowd were shocked to see Trident come in and were in awe seeing them destroy Riccio and LJT.

Sammii Jayne def. Debbie Sharpe by Pinfall

Sammii entered with Ian Ambrose as usual. Both ladies are very familiar with each other in the ring which was evident with lots of counters. Ambrose kept antagonising the crowd and causing a distraction which lead to Debbie’s downfall. While Ambrose kept the referee distracted, Sammii hung Debbie onto the top rope and hit a beautiful springboard cutter for the win. Another impressive showing from both.

“The Jackal” Jay Costello def. “Local Hero” Joe Hendry by Pinfall

I was very excited for this match. It showed Hendry’s determination and Costello’s craftiness. Slow build with Costello controlling the larger Joe Hendry, taking advantage of his inexperience. Hendry mounted a comeback before Costello rolled up Hendry and put his feet on the ropes for the three.

SWE Heavyweight Championship Match
“Scumbag” Ian Ambrose def. Damian O’Connor (c) by Pinfall – NEW CHAMPION

The first half main event saw a rematch from Seasons Beatings. I was talking to some of the guys in the crowd who spoke highly of their match from January 4th so was looking forward to this. Ambrose was up to his usual shenanigans before working on Damo’s knee, trying to disable the Bann River Boot. Damo mounted a comeback and hit two incredible death valley drivers. Sammii got involved trying to give the title belt to Ambrose before Damo hit the Bann River Boot. Ambrose kicked out to the crowds surprise. While the referee was distracted Sammii hit Damo with the title and Ambrose hit a codebreaker for the three. The crowd was shocked to see Damo lose the belt but he did it in a great match. The Era of the Scumbag begins in SWE. Damo then shouted on the mic and headed after Ambrose backstage.

“The Butcher” Scott Renwick def. Martyn Stallyon by Pinfall

As far as in ring action was concerned this was my match of the night, which is no surprise as it involved Martyn Stallyon. Renwick jumped off the top rope and went down holding his knee. The referee stopped Stallyon from going near Renwick. Stallyon picked up The Butcher and Renwick rolled up Stallyon with a small package for surprising loss for Stallyon. The Butcher attacked Stallyon after the match after playing possum to steal the win.

Lewis Girvan & Claymore def. Christopher Saynt & Glen Dunbar by Pinfall

I had heard a lot about Lewis Girvan but haven’t had the chance to see him in person. Very much a back and forth contest. Saynt and Dunbar tried to outsmart Claymore and Girvan but Dunbar ended up being pinned by Lewis Girvan out of nowhere.

Christopher Saynt attacked Glen Dunbar after the match and laid him out with a brutal knee to Dunbars head.

Pre-Main Event

Former Ministry of Slam host Chris Duke entered to usher out ring announcer Callum McMinn and started mocking him. This time Callum wasn’t putting up with it and stood up for himself landing a couple zingers about Chris Dukes reputation in Glasgow. Duke threatened to get McMinn fired so Callum exited the ring. Duke announced the main event.

Mr News & Steven Magners def. Chaz Phoenix & Kevin Williams by Pinfall

This is what the crowd had been waiting for, it had been building since Hell for Lycra X and finally Mr News was back in the ring. The crowd were hot for this match. Williams was in control of Magners when Chaz blind tagged himself in much to The Gear of Wars chagrin. This came back to haunt Chaz as Williams refused to tag back in and left. Taking off his Syndicate t-shirt and leaving it at the entrance. Magners finished the match with a tribute to Mr New’s Megapal tag team partner Randy Valentine, hitting an elbow drop from the top rope for the win. The crowd were on their feet to celebrate.

Chaz Phoenix Punished

After the match The Trident entered with Bravehart. Bravehart reluctantly congratulated Magners and News on the win. Before berating Phoenix, who was still out cold on the canvas. The Trident then beat down the former SWE Champion before finishing him with a tremendous 450 splash.


I’m never disappointed when going to SWE shows, great to see them address issues with regards to complaints about crowd behavior and kindly requested the crowd to cheer and boo whoever they wish but to understand there are children in the audience. Further issues with the ring announcers microphone cutting out, which is just a minor complaint.

The matches produced some surprises like Ambrose winning the SWE Heavyweight Championship and Renwick tricking Stallyon, stealing the win. We’ll have to wait to see how this plays out but it’s another strong event from SWE.