OSWtv Update 30/06/15

Welcome people on the internet, it is I, your friendly neighbourhood wrestling blogger and OSWtv Champion Billy here.

There is a lot happening on OSWtv at the moment and I want to take this time to keep you up to date on what’s going on.

– We are happy to have Wrestle Ropes on board the Facebook page. They provide the latest match announcements, results and all great things about British wrestling. They will be providing the Facebook page with their Scottish wrestling news and results.

– The Fantasy Matches have been getting good feedback, some work and others just plain ol’ haven’t. There will be more in the month of July and suggestions are welcomed.

– More OSWtv Meets! I have been a busy bee contacting people to take part in the Q&A, our 5 questions, to scratch the surface on the professional wrestlers around Scotland. 

– I’m available on VoiceOfOSW@gmail.com if you have any queries about the site, anything that you want to know or want to get involved. You can also contact me through the Facebook page.

– The OSWtv A-Z went up on the Facebook page. I did have to fudge the rules a wee bit to get a couple letters but we got there, we got there.

– Videos have taken a hiatus as I haven’t had the time to record anything, much like the Podcast it’s all about finding time right now.

– We’re always on the look out for writers. I’ve been making contact with a few people to see if they want to write for the site. Be it a one off piece, a monthly article or a review of DVDs, shows, matches, let your imagination run free. I’m always on the look out for new content.

– I’m in Glasgow from 2nd July – 4th July so updates may be delayed with the Facebook page and any responses to Q&A’s. 

– On Sunday (July 5th) I’ll be at W3L Live in Elgin at the Bishopmill Hall. I may be attired as a superhero…so come and see that. Plus The Bulgarian Baker will be in action and you doughnut want to miss it!