The Hermit Position: The Fans Squared Circle

Last month I went to see British Championship Wrestling. That evening they hosted a tremendous event involving various talent from across the UK and it even included TNA Superstar Bram, who faced the awesome Jack Jester in a great bout. It was a fantastic show that pleased the fans of all ages, a tradition that seems to be the constant with BCW as the wrestlers they have on there shows continually perform to the highest level and it is one of the main reasons why on this occasion the event was sold out long before the opening bell.

At this family event, I happened to notice there was a gentleman who may have drank too much before the show and somehow his soberness deteriorated faster than a Cesaro push in WWE. If it wasn’t for the fantastic wrestling and the professionalism shown by every member of the ringside crew the night could been different story because of that “gentleman’s” behavior. Based on this and other stories wrestling fans have mentioned it’s clear that things like this are increasing due to wrestling popularity and I could do a full article on the Do’s, the Don’ts and the repercussions of wrestling fans getting involved at an event but to be honest I’m not going to so, in my opinion, this is some cliff notes:

You don’t touch the wrestlers. (They are who the fan’s pay to see)

You don’t throw things at them. (Unless its streamers, streamers are cool)

You don’t steal there clothing. I REPEAT YOU DON’T STEAL THERE CLOTHING. (It’s stealing and creepy)

Don’t be a Dick. (Progress Wrestling said it, I’m saying it, one cool company has said it and an average guy saying it, so don’t be one)


You don’t get drunk at family wrestling event. (There’s not a bar inside certain family events so that’s a hint)

Now, instead of the negative aspects of the last few paragraphs being what this Hermit Position is about, I want to ask a question. A simple one.

What makes a fan the biggest wrestling fan of a single wrestling promotion? Is that even a question? Hell, is that even a thing? This is a question asked by friends of mine on a night out and it got me thinking. I mean we all know fans who have the Championship Belts (that’s nice). We all know those fans that travel across the UK to see their favourite promotion or just to see wrestling events (impressive). But how long have you been a wrestling fan staying loyal and going to a single promotion?

ICW fans? You are the most loudest and some of the craziest bunch of fans I’ve ever had the pleasure of having invading my personal space being trapping in an arena. I’m sure some of you have traveled far across the UK on the tours and have been with the group since its inception in Maryhill. So how long have you been going to the shows? Five years? Longer than that perhaps?

PBW fans? PCW fans? Progress fans? WrestleZone fans? WSL fans? What about you lot? Hell, let’s not limit this question, everyone how long have you been a wrestling fan going to a single promotion? Answers on twitter using the hashtag #AwesomeWrestlingFan (No, just kidding don’t do that)

Why do I ask this question? Before the BCW show rang it’s the first bell of the event, Graham McKay wanted to thank two men in the audience, he then gave them front row tickets and would pay for there travel to go to the next BCW show. Why did he do this, well, they had been going to BCW for fifteen years. That’s right fifteen years (respect earned)! I had to ask these two men why and how did they maintain the passion for the wrestling industry after such a long time.

They informed me that it’s always a good show and then made sure I was going to the next one. Now, I’ve met passionate wrestling fans, dedicated wrestling fans, bizarre wrestling fans and creepy ones. I have to admit I was in awe and filled with nothing but respect for the time, effort and heart those men have for going to wrestling shows for that length of time.

I asked the question, “What makes a fan the biggest wrestling fan of a single wrestling promotion?” to be honest there is no way you can answer that. Those two men are certainly are up there at being legendary wrestling fans but we are all fans of wrestling, sure we have certain promotions, certain events and certain wrestlers we prefer but there is no way anyone can measure the passion that a fan has for wrestling.

Case in point, take a look at any interview that a wrestler has and most of the time it starts with the question, “How did you get into wrestling? or a variation on that and most of the time the answer is that it started from when they witnessed an event or match from when they were younger. They started as a fan. The passion and desire to perform in the ring grew from there.

So, there can’t really be a ‘biggest wrestling or best wrestling fan’, the wrestler’s are already the biggest fans, but without the fans in attendance the wrestlers won’t enjoy it as much and that’s the circle (squared circle?) wrestling fans are in. We are all fans, regardless if you are die-hard fans of a promotion before started to become it started to be popular, regardless if your brand new to a promotion and you buy all the merchandise, one thing remains we are fans of wrestling: past, present and future and we all just love the damn thing.

“And that’s a good thing, not a bad thing” – Diamond Dallas Page.

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