OSWtv Update 23/07/15

Good morrow loyal readers. There has been some progress since the last update with the Facebook page reaching 700 likes, which is great news and means that 700 people are finding out about all the latest news and announcments from every company in Scotland. The website also hit 17,000 views which I am very proud of. 

We’ve added a couple new things to the website, which went through an overhaul earlier this month. I am delighted to add ICW Fans Podcast to the site and if their first episode is anything to go by, I think it’ll be something special. It’s on the menu bar along with Wrestling Matters Podcast and our own podcast which will have new content soon as it has been quiet lately, that in itself will need a little bit of a makeover and is on the “To Do” list.

In myself, I’m finally back in a writing mood after a little bit of a slump. You can check out my latest article on Over the Border which spins off my Fantasy Match posts on the Facebook page.

Content on the site is growing and, The Hermit Position is gathering momentum especially, that’s down to the passion that Craig has in his writing. We’re always looking for passionate wrestling fans to write here and have sent out some messages to fans to see if they’d be interested in writing about Scottish professional wrestling. 

I’m really happy about the Event Calender set up on the site as it’s easy to find out when an event takes place, I worked hard to make sure the locations are also on there. It could use links to buy tickets which is something I’ll look to add when I have more time. 

An OSWtv Redbubble site has also been opened. You can buy t-shirts and the like if you into that sort of thing. It’s all done through Redbubble but if you do buy a shirt, let me know and there may be a prize in it for you. You can also donate to the site if you want to buy us a beer.

Until next time… 

From Your Friendly Neighbourhood Wrestling Fan.