OSWtv Meets…Big Bob Macklusky

When did you start watching wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

The 2000 WWF Royal Rumble was the first wrestling show I remember watching. Then I saw WrestleMania IX that featured The Undertaker vs Giant Gonzales.

What made you decide to start training to be a wrestler and where did you start?

I originally joined Caithness Pro Wrestling to help out as a friend had asked me to sign up. I started training as I was looking to lose some weight, but I got really into the training and learning the craft.

Who are your biggest influences in professional wrestling?

I really enjoyed watching the APA (Bradshaw and Faarooq), The Rock, Big Show and Kurt Angle and they influnced me when I was younger. But at the moment I really appreciate and respect watching guys like Sami Zayn, Cesaro and, more recently, Kevin Owens.

Do you have any favourite matches or opponents that you have worked with?

Favourite matches that I’ve watched have to be The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels or Triple H, they were always top quality matches. Also the matches between Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit were always something to watch and admire.

And finally, who would be your dream opponent, past or present?

My dream opponent from the past would be Eddie Guerrero or Kurt Angle. At present I would say Kevin Owens and to be perfectly honest I would like to have a one on one with the current CPW Undisputed Champion Bobby Roberts. By winning the Pride of the Highlands Tournament on August 22nd at Wick Assembly Rooms I will earn that match.

As Big Bob mentioned, you can catch him, and the wrestlers of Caithness Pro Wrestling, on August 22nd for the Pride of the Highlands Tournament at Wick Assembly Rooms. You can catch Big Bob on Facebook and find out the latest about Caithness Pro Wrestling on Facebook for more information.