The Gordon Perspective: ICW Flying Circus Tour Final Thoughts 

ICW came to Edinburgh with the Fringe tour this year and, after attending all four shows, it can be put down as another success for Mark Dallas and the boys.

So many things happened during the four week run at Edinburgh’s City Nightclub, with the ICW World, Zero-G and Tag belts all defended during the tour.

On the last night Drew Galloway successfully defended against Kris Travis, with a little help from Black Label members Red Lightening and Jack Jester which saw Grado interupting the beatdown and getting his dream match against Galloway set for Fear and Loathing 8. Stevie Boy kept the Zero G gold round his waist after surviving a match against a former Zero G champion Mikey Whiplash. Polo Promotions also kept the belts defeating Irn Jew (Colt Cabana and Grado).

But the run of show was dominated by the ongoing war between Legion (Mikey Whiplash and Sumerian Death Squad) And The New Age Kliq (Wolfgang, Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn, Kay Lee Ray and Stevie Boy).

The SDS had beaten The NAK on night one (I’m A Lumberjack Match (and I’m Okay)) to claim the number one contenders spot for the tag gold and after the match tied up Renfrew and whipped BT Gunn with a cane 5 times. They faced Polo Promotions on night two (Now For Something Completely Different) and The New Age Kliq cost them the belts. A six man tag was set for night three (The Ministry of Silly Headlocks) and it ended up in an all out war all over the City Nightclub. The NAK won that but it didn’t end there, as Stevie Boy faced Mikey on the final night (A Horse, A Spoon And A Bucket) and with the Sumerian Death Squad not in Edinburgh, The New Age Kliq took advantage and took Mikey to the woodshed with a severe beating courtesy of a Singapore Cane. They hit him repeatedly but BT Gunn took it on himself to administer an unrelenting beating of his own with the cane.

This war will continue up to November 15th when they will be locked inside a cage at the SECC.

The road to Fear and Loathing is picking up pace and with whats happened in Edinburgh, the upcoming tour that starts in October will be unbelievable, but first we’ve got two Spacebaws shows to enjoy.

‘Til next time.

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Gordon Perspective Signing Out.