OSWtv Update 02/09/15

Polls Are Open!

The polls are open for our monthly awards, also running is the OSWtv Champion of Champions. CoC will hopefully run every so often as a wee bit of fun.. If the current competition gets good feedback and plenty of people take part then it may be brought back with Tag Team Editions, Gimmick Editions, Queen of the Ring Editions, Company Warfare Ediitions (like WrestleZone vs SWE for example) and anything else that I can think of in the future.

The monthly polls have got great feedback so far with over 150 votes for the July 2015 polls. Hopefully this increases as the polls build up a head of steam.

New Writers

We welcome “The Sandman” Sandy Gibson to the fold with his regular WrestleZone Show Report, we now have Craig Gordon of Radio Saltire giving his perspective in show previews and reviews. They join regular writer Craig Hermit, who’s Hermit Position is growing popular every month. We are in the process of adding more writers to give their opinions on the current wrestling climate in Scotland along with their reviews or shows and highlighting wrestlers in this country. It’s an exciting time as we will be adding more exclusive content that you’ll only read here on OSWtv.

New Podcasts

We also welcome Crossface and ICW Fans Podcast to the site who join Wrestling Matters. There are now plenty of audio and visual delights on the website now to keep readers entertained along with Raging Falcon producing weekly e-fed shows.

OSWtv Meets…

We added quite a few new OSWtv Meets interviews over the last month, mainly with the guys and girls at Caithness Pro Wrestling. We have been busy contacting others to be involved with our 5 Questions and look forward to adding more as the OSWtv Meets is really what kicked off the site and I would like to see it continue to let you get to know a little bit about the wrestlers that entertain us.

Future Projects

While keeping the Facebook page up to date being a daily task, trying to add new content daily on the website and pestering folk to write for us. Future projects are few and far between as I would really like to get what we do already perfected. I’m still learning when it comes to working websites but I’m happy with how the site looks right now. We sell t-shirts over at Redbubble and have the donate button if you wanted to contribute in the running of the site, that would be lovely. The OSWtv Podcast has really ground to a halt but there is always a hope that it can get back up and running, for now it will be sporadic with the odd interview or rambling from either myself or Kevin.

That’s the update so far, remember you can contact us at VoiceOfOSW@gmail.com if you wish to get involved or contribute to the site.

Thank you.

– Billy