iRant VI: 4ced To Write

Recent events has urged me to write about something that shouldn’t have to be explained or even have to happen nowadays. That’s the relationship between “professional” wrestling companies and fans. Things that grind my gears. I will not name any particular wrestling promotions in this piece, just things that I have noticed over the last couple years. So I have four things that I’d like to share with you.

1) If you run your company Twitter or Facebook account as a personal account, no one will pay attention. I don’t care if you like the latest rap music or like to quote 50 Cent, I want to know who is coming to your show and why I should be there. Replying to tweets or comments is a different beast entirely but if you have an account that is solely for your company, then promote your company and affiliates as the priority. Speaking of running Twitter and Facebook accounts, please use some degree of grammar and structure, it’s not hard. I’ve ranted about that before so will say no more on the subject right now.

2) Don’t treat fans like idiots, it’s insulting. We pay our money to come to shows on the basis of what is advertised. If I have paid my pounds and pennies to get advertised and hyped matches changed or dropped entirely, I have a right to be upset about it. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Don’t brush off criticism, build on it. Also, last minute changes with little warning is shady by any standards especially when it comes to prices. Injuries happen and sometimes matches are subject to change but tell us, we’re not going to grab the pitchforks if we’re told before the event begins. We’ll get rightly annoyed if it changes mid-show and we’ve already paid our money for a particular match to happen.

3) Remember your expanded audience. You will no doubt have a handful of regular comers to shows. They will know all the storylines inside and out. If you are holding a big event and expect to draw more than your regular monthly crowd, help them catch up. In an age of technology it can’t be hard to throw up a recap video before the match. Otherwise you’ll have an extra couple hundred people left confused at something that probably makes sense to that handful of regulars. The wrestlers can only do so much to get across an angle and the face-heel dynamic but they can’t soliloquy why they are fighting or why something has happened that would be deemed odd outside of any other wrestling feud or who that person is that is coming out.

4) Advertise properly. Use your insights on Facebook, check when the most popular times are and when the most activity is. If you are making match announcements at 3am, then I guarantee you that it will be missed and people will be left scratching their heads. It’s not rocket science, brain surgery or fighting Chuck Norris, it’s common sense. Also if there are changes made to the advertised line up, change ALL instances where the previous information is noted. It’s false advertising and duping people into buying tickets for something that isn’t taking place.

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All points are personal opinion.