Wrestling’s Divine Comedy: Malicious with Paul Ryan

*WARNING: Strong Language*

Have you ever woke up in your bed, turned to your phone, went on social media, had to look again and think, “what the fuck happened?”

Now I don’t mean your suffering the effects of a rampaging hangover from the night before, no, I mean you look at your favourite wrestling sites on the internet and guess what, a wrestling promoter has done an interview, there’s a buzz about it, people are talking about it, and it isn’t all good.

Fans are up in arms, not really, cause their hands are busy typing on their keyboards or on their phones to make the voices heard. You can hear their minds at work, that promoter is going to hear us and how unhappy we are, well they will hear you until they click that infamous block or delete button and then they will never hear from you again.

That’s the thing isn’t it nowadays? If we are annoyed, disgruntled, pissed off, there’s Twitter, Facebook all that shite, hell I’m using it right now to convey my point, (Ain’t I a hypocrite? Yes I am) but see if a wrestling promoter or promotion has pissed you off, hit them where it hurts, don’t go to the events.

See if that individual has lied about you during that interview, something that bizarrely is on the increase, don’t lie people none of the cool kids are doing it, contact the site, get it taken down and if that interviewee has attempted to inflict or jeopardise any personal, emotional, financial hardship on yourself, get the people at Twitter/Facebook to get that page taken down. That bullying button is there for a reason because I guarantee the interviewee is enjoying getting that reaction from you, it takes the attention away from them and onto you. Hold on you telling me that wrestling promoter is looking for a scapegoat to take the heat off themselves because they mentioned you in an interview? No, surely not. No one would do that would they? Erm, aye they would. Liars like that are the equivalent of a fucking slimeball.

Let’s see we covered one issue there, here’s another, if you have been running a wrestling company since 2003 and there’s another wrestling company who has had all the same connections your promotion has had and strangely enough, is more successful and alot more popular, it would make you wonder why that is right? Could it be they listened to the fans on what they did wrong so they could fix it? Could it be they promoted the company and wrestlers involved in it rather than the owner of the company? That makes you think right? But hey, what do I know I’m just a fan, a paying fan, a fan who if given the choice about what show to attend and both are in the same area within a few weeks, I know which one I’m attending, the promotion that listens to it’s fans, doesn’t delete feedback. You know, the promotion that doesn’t insult it’s fans by promoting a famous wrestler and then never using them properly.

A promotion who never listens to the fans will never grow and will have opportunities consistantly pass them by.

What’s next? Oh yes, you glorious, wonderous dirtsheets, you have the scoop on what is happening in the wrestling world don’t you? No you actually fucking don’t, eg: Update on wrestler heading to WWE, here’s the update…They ain’t going. That’s the equivalent of this Update: Paul Ryan soon to watch Britain’s Got Talent, here’s that update…ain’t fucking happening. So here’s an idea, show actual stories that the fans care about. Not just fucking idle gossip as if we are all back in secondary school going I heard this, they heard that then calling it ‘sources’. Really? That is what we use for news now?!

Oh and lastly if wrestling promotions have issues with each other, talk to each other by phone, email, text or even the pub, because arguing over social media may give fans a chance to grab that Michael Jackson popcorn meme but it damages the creditablity of both your promotions by doing it online just so everyone can see the shitey side of wrestling. Aye we know, some shit goes down behind the scenes, aye we know there’s egos that get in the way of a promotions success and wrestlers ain’t happy about it, aye we know there’s “happily” married men that have their mistresses, aye some promoters have lied to wrestlers about what promotion to go to, but guess we don’t need to see it when all we are looking for is what match is on the next event.

That shit will divide wrestling, it will divide the fans and guess what, will divide the success of British wrestling so much that no one will prosper. Not the promoters, not the wrestlers, not the fans and definitely not the wrestling industry.

Think about that.