The Hermit Position: All In A Month

Where to start on this ‘Hermit Column’, well things can certainly change in one month in wrestling, case in point.

In the UK, a promotion went bankrupt and the fallout from that was disappointing to watch. Across in the USA, TNA announced that they won’t be a part of Destination America next year and the fallout from that has been mixed but overall the fans reaction to the news has been disappointing to watch. The wrestling world was saddened to read that Kris Travis has retired, the fallout? Sad but the outpouring of genuine support has been amazing. And finally, a subject closer to home, this month marked my two year anniversary as a wrestling writer? Blogger? Journalist? Whatever it is I do. The fallout? Reflective.

So, I’ll start with the demise of a promotion, now some of you may not know what I’m referring to, I’m not going to into specific details but what I will say is this. A promoter once gave me this advice when I said I wanted to know about the industry, “Know who you want to be in this game, if you want to stay being a fan, just be that fan. If you want be a wrestler, know where to train, know to show respect and know how to listen. You want to run a show? Respect this industry, respect the workers, work within your means, now have you seen the merchandise stand?”

I committed this statement to memory and the industry to me at least, is all about respect, respect the wrestlers, respect the people who work for you, respect the product but always know your limits. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Impact Wrestling, TNA or Total Non-Stop Wrestling, we have all heard about it the news and the drama we hear behind the scenes. The drama is almost as interesting as the show itself sometimes, to some people though, not to me. I have grown tired of listening to people wishing the companies downfall and with the news next TNA may not have a TV station next year, those fans have taken to social media cheering on its downfall. I certainly respect people’s opinions, hell I remained calm when one of my friends, knowing I’m a Rockstar Spud fan, decided at a PCW event that Spud was wrestling on to continuely shout directly in my face “F**K TNA!”, my point is this, hate a promotion all you want, hate the owner all you want, but that promotion employs fathers, mothers and also people just trying to get into the wrestling business, so before you wish it’s demise think about who else it affects other than yourself.

Next up, I have spent two years doing this thing whatever I do, I put up a self indulgent Facebook status about this, the most common messages I got? “Thought it was longer?”, not too sure how to take those comments mind.

But why am I telling you about this two year anniversary thing, well…wrestling was an escape for me when I start writing, and it’s been a factor in my life ever since. I’ve told you in my previous columns how long I’ve loved wrestling and how writing about the industry has got me through various issues in my life. One thing though, I’ve never once pretended or acted like I know what it is to wrestle in the ring. I’ve only stepped in the ring to get a photograph but never actually wrestle. Even though I’ve written reports about shows and had various interviews with fantastic people I still don’t make the assumption I know better than an established wrestler. But there are fans who do think they know better, for the first time this month I thought I’d speak to fans in wrestling groups and some of them had me in awe with the things they said.

My point is this, even after two years, I’m nowhere even close to what I want to achieve in the industry but I’m in the right direction because I’ve listened to the right people, trusted the right people and respected the right people who have given me the right advice, again it’s seems to be all about respect. And if those maybe those same fans who consistently criticise the business started respecting more, maybe they’d enjoy it more…eh maybe not.

Lastly, where do I start on this. Mr Kris Travis. No seriously, where do I start. Let’s try last year, December I wrote an article in another publication about Kris Travis, about the support he received about his health and the success of Trav Aid, the event that united many wrestling promoter’s in support of Trav.

Interviewing many of those promoter’s and the fans alike I got to realise just how much Kris is loved and respected, not just because of his talent, but because his personality as well, it shines through in what he does all the time.

Here’s an example, after a PCW event, he was clearly still a bit in pain after his exhausting comeback match but decided to see the fans, talk to them, have pictures taken with them, chill with them and have discussions with them. I was in awe, several other guys looked at him the same way but that’s Trav for you.

He has retired from wrestling and I could write a full on article about his career and I’m sure someone else has.

I’ll say this, wrestling is a big deal in this world to many people, but everyone knows Trav’s health is more important, he knows it’s more important and his recovery is the most important thing of all.

“Some people are genuine legends, some people are awesomely genuine, @RealKrisTravis is both, stay positive and be legendarily awesome!”

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