The Hermit Position: The Positivity Train

Let me start with an apology to everyone who read my last column, to be honest apart from the Kris Travis portion of it, that ‘Hermit Position’ was pretty negative wasn’t it? And I like to think that’s not why people read this, I mean if you want negativity or things like that there’s plenty of other outlets on the internet you can get it.

That’s not why I do this column, I write this because it’s fun and hopefully everyone who reads it enjoys it too, now with that being said, lets get started.

Unstatement alert! Scottish wrestling is great at the moment isn’t it. Course it is, you know it, I know it and the promoters across the world are realising it too. But what about the future of the industry? I mean right now Scottish wrestling has never looked stronger, amazing talents like Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, Joe Hendry, Jack Jester, Kid Fite, Wolfgang, Bt Gunn and these are only a few names I mention, are providing fans with fantastic matches not just across Scotland but down south too.

Scottish wrestling has continued to grow and expand this year in numerous ways, such as consistent sell out events, tours across the UK, adding more shows within the year, appearances on TV programmes and bringing bigger names to appear at the shows.

How has this happened? Down to some damn hard work from everyone involved, from the wrestlers to the promoters to everyone behind the scenes to everyone like the ring crew, my mind boggles (that’s right boggles) at the sheer number of people, the effort, the sacrifices and the drive to get wrestling to the position it is in now but everyone involved knows this is only the start of things to come. The wrestling world has it’s eye on Scottish wrestling and it continues to be impressed.

I can write about how successful each promotion in Scotland has become but instead I’ll say this, go to a show, in the next two months every Scottish promotion will be hosting a show and go experience it. Live wrestling shows are fantastic things to watch.

What about development within the companies? I mean these promotions I’ve mentioned are getting recognition and rightly so but what are they doing to further develop the future of Scottish wrestling?

Scottish Wrestling Alliance held two shows on Friday and Saturday. I was unable to attend but I’m addicted to social media so I was able to keep up-to-date with the matches and afterwards while people were talking about how good the shows were, one thing those people were mentioning were the new wrestlers who were participating at the events and how refreshing it was to see trainees given the chance to shine, great positives things to read I thought.

I should mention you can get the chance to see trainees not just in SWA but in PBW and GPWA separately showcase their talents as those promotions host events for their trainees to get a chance to perform in front of a crowd, to get a taste for what their future may hold. Also in these promotions and others eg: BCW and PWE, the show match may have a trainee who is one to watch for the future and personally I’ve never been disappointed at a showcase event which is a credit to the students in training and the trainers to have faith in them.

Where are the wrestling schools?

Source Wrestling School located in Pollockshaws, Glasgow. The amount of trainees and wrestlers I’ve spoken to who continually talk about how beneficial Source has been to their development and how important the School is to wrestling has been unbelievable but not really that unbelievable when you have trainer’s with the calibre of Damian O’Connor and Mikey Whiplash, whose experience within wrestling is unparalleled and run classes seven days a week.

But lets say you can’t reach there, you still want the best quality of trainers how have a wealth of wrestling knowledge to help you get started, PBW Academy is in three separate areas around Scotland, Barrhead, Airdrie and Greenock.

In Barrhead, PBW owner, Ross Watson otherwise known as Kid Fite runs classes every Sunday. In Airdrie, experienced original PBW graduate TJ Rage runs his classes every Sunday and lastly in Greenock, Scott Maverick another original PBW graduate hosts his classes every Sunday too.

Did someone mention GPWA? No? You should have because on the outskirts of Glasgow, GPWA has been making it’s mark. Open on Tuesday, Thursday evenings and all day Sunday, the Asylum has grown this year with not just the size of it’s facility but it’s popularity too. With five of Scotland’s most experienced wrestlers, Jack Jester and Wolfgang to name a few as trainers it’s easy to see why the demand to be educated here is so high.

I’ve only mentioned three Schools/Academys/Developmentals so far and I’ve only mentioned a small amount of what they offer. If that sounds like something you want to be part of go to their websites or Facebook sites, read up, make the decision and I guarantee that if wrestling is something you want to be part of, go for it.

However, say you don’t live near the places I’ve mentioned but you are passionate about wrestling and you want to train, where else can you go?

I’ll answer that question in part two of this column, and various other things of course.

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