The One Stop Pop Shop

These Funko Pops are all the rage these days with anyone and everyone being made into one. So that has given me an idea. We have WWE themed Pops, how about some Pops based on the wrestlers from this side of the pond, and this side of the border. I went online and found a Japanese Pop icon generator and had a little play about…this is what happened…

COMING SOON TO AN IMAGINATION NEAR YOU! You can own your favourite wrestlers and display them proudly for the world to see. These vinyl pops are the past, present and future of action figures and they can be yours for £9.99! Who needs the WWE Network when you can hold Debbie Sharpe in your sweaty palms!

Choose from the Following:

Jack Jester – DCT – Crusher Craib

Jackie Polo – Debbie Sharpe – Chris Renfrew

Wolfgang – Stevie Boy Xavier – Bobby Roberts

Lou King Sharp – Ian Ambrose – Aspen Faith

Mikey – Charles Boddington – That Guy From OSWtv

Choose Any Two For £15 (plus £3 p+p)

Plus we also have an 10″ Beast of Belfast Edition of Big Damo O’Connor for ONLY £14.99.

Damo O’Connor 10″ Special Edition



Noam Dar – Joe Hendry – Chris Toal

*Please Note That These Are All Fictional…But I’d Buy Them All…