Top 10 Articles Of 2015

We’ve still got two weeks to go, with a couple more articles to post before then. But I thought I’d put up our Top 10 articles, reviews, reports, interviews etc. from this year. We’ve almost had a 50% rise in views in comparison to 2014 which is amazing and I hope 2016 continues the rising trend. If you want to write about Scottish professional wrestling, contact us and you could be on this list next year.

Top 10 Articles Of 2014

1. Out The Corner – New Upcoming Stars

2. The Hermit Position: This Is PROGRESS

3. Bought A Ticket, Took The Ride

4. OSWtv Meets…Tam The Ram

5. OSWtv Meets…Lix Tetrax

6. SWE Guardians of the Kayfabe Show Report

7. OSWtv Meets…Krieger

8. REVIEW: WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2015

9. OSWtv Meets…Emily Hayden

10. REVIEW: WrestleZone Christmas Chaos (Comes Early)