OSWtv Year End Awards 2015: Possible Contenders


It’s getting closer and closer to the opening of the OSWtv Year End Awards vote. On January 1st the voting will open where YOU choose the winners. 2015 has been a huge year for Scottish professional wrestling and it will be hard to narrow down just one favourite. So here are a couple suggestions to get your brain ticking brought to you by some of our admins/writers from the OSWtv website and Facebook page.

-Wrestler of the Year (Male)-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Damian O’Connor – the Irishman has transformed into a towering Beast. He’s had wars with Samoa Joe, Rampage Brown and Drew Galloway, along with a host of international talent from Japan. Capturing the Pride Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, winning the series with Rampage Brown in Discovery Wrestling and busting out jawdropping moves, which shouldn’t be possible for a man his size. A stellar year for Damo.

Craig (@craighermit): Damo.

Kevin (@markoutmorrison): Drew Galloway.

Craig (@Bpmphotography7): Drew Galloway.

Kyle (@_dec0y): This is a tough one since we have been spoilt with amazing performances all year…but the one stand out is the new Phenom…the one man band of destruction…Drew Galloway.
Since returning to Scotland Drew has grown into one of the best performers on this planet, having five-star match, after five-star match. He started the year as ICW World Heavyweight Champion, defended it up and down the United Kingdom (as well as all over the world) and topped it off with an incredible match with Grado in front of 4,000 fans in Glasgow.

-Wrestler of the Year (Female)-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Viper – winning titles all over, from winning the Fierce Females title to becoming the first ICW Women’s Champion, in front of 4000 paying fans in the SECC, it has been all gold for Viper. She’s travelled all over the country and with an upcoming tour of Japan with Shimmer, she is taking women’s wrestling to the next level along with Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm.

Craig (@craighermit): Viper

Kevin (@markoutmorrison): Viper.

Craig (@Bpmphotography7): Viper.

Kyle (@_dec0y): Another tough category. For me, this is a close call between Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm. However, I have to give to Kay Lee Ray. My thinking behind this is simply, could she be any more relevant right now? I don’t think so. After turning her back on the Bucky family, and joining the New Age Kliq, she is now a prominent figure on any ICW show. Alongside her impressive year domestically, claiming wins over the likes of Mickie James, Gail Kim, ODB, Nikki Storm and Carmel (just to name a few). She has also wrestled all over the world, including Germany with WXW, America with SHIMMER, SHINE and most notably WWE’s NXT brand.

-Tag Team of the Year-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Polo Promotions – There haven’t been many really consistent tag teams this year but “The King of Chat” Jackie Polo and “The Real Deal” Mark Coffey have really made tag team wrestling something special in 2015. Holding the ICW Tag Team titles (until recently) and also winning the SWA Tag Team belts during the year.

Craig (@craighermit): Just Uz.

Kevin (@markoutmorrison): The ComixZone.

Craig (@Bpmphotography7): Sumerian Death Squad.

Kyle (@_dec0y): My pick here goes to the current Wrestlezone Tag Team Champions – The Rejected. Having only formed in 2015, Chris Archer (an insanely underrated talent in Scottish wrestling) and Mikkey Vago have already formed a great chemistry. When they step through the curtain, you instantly know that these guys are here to fight together. A year of grafting away in the WZ Tag Team division has resulted in their capture of the WZ Tag Team Titles at Christmas Chaos (Comes Early) in November.

-Import of the Year-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Mick Foley – An odd choice maybe as he didn’t wrestle but his two commissioner gigs towards the end of the year were very memorable. First was WrestleZone Christmas Chaos (Comes Early) in front of a sold out Beach Leisure Centre in Aberdeen and the next night saw him in front of 4000 fans in the SECC in Glasgow. Cutting a passionate promo on both nights and even dropping a rare F-bomb. It was incredible to see the WWE Hall of Famer in Scotland and just being amazing.

Craig (@craighermit): Roderick Strong.

Kevin (@markoutmorrison): Chris Sabin.

Craig (@Bpmphotography7): Tomasso Ciampa.

Kyle (@_dec0y): Colt Cabana? Samoa Joe? Tommaso Ciampa? All contenders for this one, however I have to give it to “The Man Beast” Rhyno. This one is simple, the man came over to Scotland for the “Wayne Stock” Weekender in ICW initially and tore the house down both nights with great matches against Drew Galloway and Wolfgang, respectively. While he was there he spent a day at the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum passing on his vast experience on to the students. Then to top it all off, he went to war with Joe Coffey at Fear and Loathing VIII in what was one of the best matches of the year.

-Match of the Year-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Joe Coffey vs Chris Hero (Discovery Wrestling) – This was incredible. Joe Coffey and Chris Hero battered lumps out of each other with the Iron Man coming out triumphant. There were so many awesome matches this year, so many to choose from but this one just edges it for me.

Craig (@craighermit):El Ligero vs Johnny Moss (PBW Breaking Limits).

Kevin (@markoutmorrison): .

Craig (@Bpmphotography7): The New Age Kliq vs Sumerian Death Squad (ICW Fringe Tour).

Kyle (@_dec0y): Joe Coffey vs Chris Hero – Discovery Wrestling 31/07/2015. This match was one that caught my eye the moment it was announced. Chris Hero has been doing great things over in America with companies like PWG and Beyond, as well as in Japan with NOAH. At the same time Joe Coffey has been grafting away up and down the UK making himself one of the hottest commodities in professional wrestling. When the two collided in Portobello Town Hall it was one for the ages. Hard hitting, world class action between two of the best in the business.

-Show of the Year-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): ICW Fear and Loathing VIII – 4000. People. SOLD OUT in advance. The largest paid attendance in British wrestling since the days of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks. Incredible. Grado wins the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, Mick Foley is there, there’s even a cage match. It had everything.

Craig (@craighermit): PBW Breaking Limits.

Kevin (@markoutmorrison): ICW Fear and Loathing VIII.

Craig (@Bpmphotography7): ICW Fear and Loathing 8.

Kyle (@_dec0y): ICW Fear and Loathing 8. Goes without saying.

-Feud of the Year-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Damo vs Rampage Brown (Discovery Wrestling) – Two big beasts battled across the Discovery Wrestling calender with their rubber match, a last man standing match finally settling the rivalry. Damo came out the 2 – 1 victory over the three showdowns and it ended with them shaking hands. It really put Discovery Wrestling on the map and it produced plenty of big moments over the matches.

Craig (@craighermit): Legion vs The New Age Kliq (ICW)

Kevin (@markoutmorrison): Viper vs Bete Noire (Fierce Females).

Craig (@Bpmphotography7): New Age Kliq vs Legion (ICW).

Kyle (@_dec0y): Legion vs The New Age Kliq – ICW
A feud that found it’s roots in late 2014 and blossomed into one of the most violent, twisted and exciting feuds of 2015. Back at ICW Barramania, BT Gunn revealed himself to be the man behind the mindgames being played against Mikey Whiplash, rekindling the hatred from Fear and Loathing VII between Whiplash and the NAK. After various attacks from the NAK, Whiplash got backup from his brothers, Michael Dante and Tommy End. Months later this culminated in a Six Man Steel Cage Match at Fear and Loathing VIII. This feud was more like a sick game of one-upmanship, which made it the most engaging feud of 2015.

-Promotion of the Year-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): WrestleZone – A lot of people will vote for Insane Championship Wrestling, who have had an unbelievable year, but I’m putting WrestleZone forward. Steadily making the North East a powerhouse for wrestling with plenty of sold out shows during the year. Including filling the Beach Ballroom to capacity once again for the third year in a row. A sold out Christmas Chaos event and plenty of postitives. It’s been a great year for the Aberdeen-based company.

Craig (@craighermit): Insane Championship Wrestling.

Kevin (@markoutmorrison): Insane Championship Wrestling.

Craig (@Bpmphotography7): Insane Championship Wrestling.

Kyle (@_dec0y): This doesn’t need too much explanation – Insane Championship Wrestling. They sold out the SECC (along with countless other venues they’ve ran this year), had some of the best matches and storylines in professional wrestling today and have gained even more worldwide exposure.

-One to Watch 2016 (Male)-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Aspen Faith – This guy has had a break through year in Scotland, making appearances all over the country. So many matches I want to see involving Aspen Faith and hopefully in 2016 they will all come up. A widely charismatic individual with plenty of wrestling talent. I have Faith that 2016 will be Aspen’s year to shine.

Craig (@craighermit): Aaron Echo.

Kevin (@markoutmorrison): LJT.

Craig (@Bpmphotography7): Aspen Faith.

Kyle (@_dec0y): Anyone who knows me, knows exactly who I’m going to pick here… The King of Catch, Aspen Faith. One of the most underrated wrestlers in the UK today, Aspen has been grafting away in the North East for a few years now. Recently he has been knocking on the door of Insane Championship Wrestling, with some appearances on their ‘Spacebaws’ shows at The Garage. I think 2016 will be the year that Aspen bursts into the main roster scene of ICW and once he gets that level of exposure… well let’s just say there’s no ceiling for The King of Catch.

-One to Watch 2016 (Female)-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Lucy Cole – The PBW Academy’s Lucy Cole has come on leaps and bounds in the last 12 months, really getting a handle of her personality and leaving it all out in front of the crowd. I’ve got my eye on her for 2016 and I think she could surprise many people and climb her way into be a viable contender for either of Viper’s titles.

Craig (@craighermit): Lucy Cole.

Kevin (@markoutmorrison): Kay Lee Ray.

Craig (@Bpmphotography7): Jinny.

Kyle (@_dec0y): This is another tricky category as with the introduction of a Women’s Championship in ICW, a lot of female talent will be getting more opportunities to shine. Personally I think Courtney is one to watch in 2016, at such a young age she has got a lot of potential and given the platform to do so, she could become one of the main players in Scotland’s thriving women’s wrestling scene.

There will also be other awards that will be announced during the OSWtv Podcast: Year End Awards 2015 Special, which will be chosen by the OSWtv administration team, to recognise those that might not fit into the stated categories but have earned a mention for their achievments in 2015.