Scotty Swift – A Red Haired Warrior


Photo credit David J Wilson

Scotty Swift has been a WrestleZone star since they started back in 2008. His dream was to be the Undisputed champion.

Having been the last No Limits champion before it was merged with the Heavyweight title into the now Undisputed title, he was always a main event star. He had memorable matches with names such as Damien, Johnny Lions and Sterling Oil.

In 2012, Scotty had a rivalry with the now retired Brian Starr (a man I was a HUGE fan of). Brian had been trying to gain access back into WrestleZone, which resulted in an Unsanctioned match at the Regal Rumble. If Starr won, he was back in the company. Starr did indeed win and was once again a WrestleZone star. The two competed again, this time in a Lumberjack match at Christmas Chaos. The referee was unfortunately taken out, which allowed Scotty’s friend Davey Annan to enter the ring with a steel chair. Appearing to help Scotty, he soon turned on him and whacked him with the chair, siding with Starr.

Heading into 2013, Scotty got his revenge on Davey with a match at the Cloverleaf Hotel, which Davey won. Scotty was in the final three in the 2013 Regal Rumble, alongside Nathan Black and Crusher Craib. Black eliminated him with help from Sterling Oil members William and Alan Sterling. This got Scotty embroiled in a rivalry with the two. The Sterling brothers made it personal by attacking Scotty’s close friend and Evening Express journalist Ross McTavish at the 2013 Westhill show. A challenge was then issued and accepted for WrestleZone’s 5 year anniversary supershow Aberdeen Anarchy, which Swift and Ross won when Alan tapped out.

Over the next few months, Swift was in a fued with the then WrestleZone Tag Team champions Team S.M.A.S.H, Aspen Faith and James Midas. Scotty recieved a shot at the belts at the 2013 Battle of the Nations event, teaming with former TNA star Jay Lethal. A big surprise that night as Scotty and Jay left the Northern Hotel as the new champions. They then unfortunately had to vacate the belts due to Lethal being unable to return to WrestleZone. Swift then had an unforgettable Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight at Another Wild Night in October teaming with the Thunder Buddies to face Johnny Lions and Team S.M.A.S.H, ending up on the winning side.

Over the next few months, Scotty had matches against names such as Chris Archer, Damien and Mr Malice. Heading into 2014, Swift entered a fued with the Revolution trio of Damien, Chris Archer and Johnny Lions. With Mr P by his side, a 6 man tag was booked for Aberdeen Anarchy. Teaming with WWE legend X-Pac, they won. Swift’s next rivalry was against Mr Malice. They had a Dog Pound match at Battle of the Nations – the loser had to eat dog food and also if Malice lost, he would never compete in WrestleZone again. Swift did indeed win after a sick Granite City Driver through a dog cage.

For the last quarter of the year, Swift had a rivalry with former Revolution member Chris Archer, who had brought in The Alpha Male as his bodyguard. He defeated the both of them in a Handicap match at Halloween Hijinx 2014, earning him a match against Archer at Christmas Chaos. He then defeated The Alpha Male in Arbroath a few weeks later, which barred him from ringside. Scotty then defeated Archer to end 2014 on a high.

Scotty promised 2015 would be his year and went on to defeat Lou King Sharp and Mr Malice on the road to the Regal Rumble. Entering at number 15, he finally eliminated Damien to secure a main event spot at Aberdeen Anarchy on May 23rd against Joe Coffey. He would then appear on an episode of ITV’s Judge Rinder against Johnny Lions before defeating him in Westhill.

In May, he finally achieved his dream of being the Undisputed champion but the celebration was short lived as he was set upon by the reformed Sterling Oil.
He had several successful title defences over the next few months, including a fantastic showing from Mr Malice (yes, you read that right). A surprise return from Sterling Oil leader Richard R. Russell made an impression on Scotty. Several title matches against Sterling Oil members in September and October led to a huge match for Christmas Chaos (Comes Early) against Alan Sterling, Crusher Craib and Bingo Ballance. Scotty yet again overcame the odds to retain but was again attacked by Sterling Oil alongside their new member Shawn Johnson. To end of the year of Swift, he defeated Aspen Faith by DQ in Ferryhill due to interference from Sterling Oil (again).

– Adam Morrison