REVIEW: SWE Hell for Lycra XII 29/08/15


I did a preview before the event (if you want to read it before continuing, here you go). I’m watching this event on YouTube as SWE uploaded it on Christmas Day. I wasn’t at the event myself and have read a few reviews of the show. I will try and keep it as unbiased as possible and tell you what I thought of the show on first watching it.

The show starts off with a touching tribute from Ted Dibiase for “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. A great video package, which showed a clip from SWE Hell for Lycra IX (my first SWE event).

Fast Track Ladder Match
#Scumbag Ian Ambrose def. Scotty Riccio, “Air” Myles, The Associate, J D Wilde, Felix Fortune, Kenny Kyd, Chaz Phoenix, MDK, E G Mackie and Jam O’Malley

This was a total mess. J D Wilde hit a great Shooting Star Press from the apron onto a group of wrestlers, Mackie and Riccio followed up with big jumps before Steven Myles hit a 450 from the top rope onto the others standing on the outside. I liked that Jam O’Malley concentrated solely on E G Mackie, making sure that Mackie didn’t get a chance of winning. The Associate hit a great F5 on Kenny Kyd and Steven Myles used amazing high flying moves. Phoenix hit a piledriver onto Fortune onto the ladder, which looked so painful. Just as Phoenix was about to grab the briefcase, the lights went out and Ian Ambrose appeared on the ladder and took down the briefcase to win.

This was a cluster, a string of bits and pieces. The younger guys like Myles and Kyd looked great in this one. Not a lot to write about though. The production of the match, camera angles, sound, entrance, were very amateur (Not that I could do better but it didn’t look great).

Martyn Stallyon def. Colt Cabana

We got a view from the Ref Cam, which Colt Cabana seemed to love, that did make me laugh. Fun grappling at the start between Colt and Stallyon. Cabana took the time to jump into the crowd to take selfies, which the crowd enjoyed as did I. This was really the Colt Cabana show as it could’ve been anyone against Colt. I’m not usually a fan of Colt but he was really great in this one, even getting a Suplex City chant for several snap suplexes. Teases for a GTS just got turned into another snap suplex. I’ve seen Stallyon have amazing matches with Chavo Guerrero and Marty Scurll but against Cabana he didn’t look like anything special. Everything Cabana did was brilliant and so well done. Including a military press type move from the second rope onto the top turnbuckle which looked insane. Stallyon rolled up Cabana for a surprise three count.

Cabana looked awesome, Stallyon didn’t look at his best. Fun match though, really enjoyed it.

European Tournament Final
Scott “The Butcher” Renwick (SCO) def. Saint George (ENG)

The crowd went nuts for Renwick, entered to Loch Lomond, gave me chills to watch. It was a Scotland versus England match which is an easy story. Renwick mauled George in the early going before the Englishman took a short cut to take control. Back and forth action, Renwick hit a lovely version of the Three Amigos. The crowd was loud behind Renwick whenever he took offense. Close two count after a cutter from Saint George before he missed a punt kick and was dropped with a double arm facebuster for the Butcher’s victory. A decent match.

Massimo Italiano def. Kai Katana

The commentary really distracted me from this match. Spending a good portion making jokes between themselves and not giving a lot of attention to the match. Katana hit a great german suplex on the much larger Massimo, which was impressive. Katana missed a beautifully curved top rope moonsault, ate a killer big boot and Massimo picked up the victory.

A good match, the commentary was just so distracting which spoiled it somewhat.

The ComixZone (Rawlins and Venym) def. Connor Frost and Darren Blair

ComixZone came out in Captain America and Thor gear which I was a big fan of. I really like The ComixZone team, they do great tandem moves and work so well together. Frost and Blair relied on power moves. Frost and Blair beat down on Rawlins for a prolonged period before Venym got the hot tag and ran wild. Blair pulled out the referee before ComixZone could seal the win with a lift up moonsault. Blair low blowed Rawlins and Venym before low blowing Frost and throwing Rawlins on top for the three count.

A really confusing ending. Too much happening between Blair pulling out the referee then dishing out all the low blows only to make his team lose. Big fan of The ComixZone though, who are a really great tag team.

There was a segment honoring George Kidd into the Scottish Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Alpha Female def. Nikki Storm

Nikki Storm is incredible. Riled up the fans before she entered the ring and faced up to the big Alpha Female. This was the first time they’ve faced each other since November 2013 but for the first time in Scotland. Alpha Female used her power while Storm relied on speed and misdirection to get in control. Storm worked on the ankle to restrict the powerhouse. Storm was fantastic in grounding Alpha Female. Until Female showed no effects and started scoop slamming Storm and running about. Alpha missed a shoulder block into the corner which Storm used to hit a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker for a close two count.

Storm starting mouthing off to Edith Summer, the referee, only for Chyna to come out. Summer pushed Nikki into Alpha Female’s spear for the three count.

The match was great for Nikki Storm, but she spent so much time working the legs of her opponent only for Alpha Female to show no effects once she stood up. Not even a limp when running. The finish was a bit meh, Chyna just randomly came out during the match which led to Nikki losing. No real reason for Chyna to come out at that point.

Chyna then spoke about campaigning to get into the WWE Hall of Fame. Kind of random. She summed up saying thanks to Dundee and the whole of Scotland for having her here.

The Jackal def. Wild Boar

The Jackal had a wee pre-match on screen promo where he had a sword. Jackal took every shortcut in the book to take advantage over Wild Boar. Jackal is deceptively quick but so is Wild Boar, who hit a great senton on The Jackal while he was on all fours. Wild Boar also threw in a crunching release german suplex, before battering The Jackal in the corner. Jackal escaped a package piledriver attempt, the referee was distracted long enough for Jackal to rake Wild Boar’s eye and hit an STO for the win.

Far exceeded expectations, would’ve liked to see more of Wild Boar’s offense as it looked like it was just scratching the surface of what he can do. The Jackal is pretty underrated, good match.

Dundee Street Fight
Bravehart def. Chris Duke w/J D Wilde and Darren Blair

Well…this was dire. Things happened. Lisa Duke, who was being held by J D Wilde and Darren Blair, was saved by Chris Duke only for her to whack him with a kendo stick and for Bravehart to lock in the Sharpshooter for the tap out victory.

SWE Heavyweight Championship + SWE Future Division Championship
Champion vs Champion
Winner Takes All
LJT (c) def. Joe Hendry (c)

Main event time. Two really great wrestlers and I was looking forward to this one for sure. Joe Hendry spoke to LJT before the bell which the camera caught and he was intense, it was brilliant, telling LJT that this is his one shot. The crowd where loud behind LJT. Joe Hendry is just so effortless in his power offense, the security was taken out early after a suicide dive by LJT. All action in this one with plenty Christmas Gifts and Sliced Bread #2’s being used. Hendry countered a sunset flip into a dominator, which looked incredible. LJT countered a vertical suplex into a small package. Joe Hendry threw everything at LJT, who was kicking out by the skin of his teeth. Edge of the seat action in this one. LJT finally hit a third Sliced Bread #2 for the win.

During the celebration Ian Ambrose entered with his briefcase, only to leave without cashing in.

A quick match but it was a very good match, plenty story in this one. A feel good end to the show and it was probably the best match of the night.

Overall: If I was just watching this with no prior knowledge of SWE before or after, they put on a solid show. Several very good matches, nothing spectacular but solid. However, the production value was pretty poor, the commentary was shocking at times and I felt that one of them tried to keep it going and steer the commentary back on subject but it was really bad for a lot of the event. The less said about the Duke-Bravehart portion of the show the better. Some random things happened like Chyna popping up towards the end of the women’s match just to talk about her quest to be in the WWE Hall of Fame, the ladder match was a mish mash of “stuff” with glimmers of great action. The crowd was loud at times but looked tiny. Certainly not a sell out as there were empty rows, certainly not 2000 people.