PREVIEW: ICW The 5th Annual Square Go 24/01/16

74AA4771-9DBD-44CD-8AF8-8E3E7A755DE2The Barrowlands, Glasgow

Insane Championship Wrestling returns to The Barrowlands for The 5th Annual Square Go. ICW have been on fire at the moment with bigger events, more heated matches than you can shake a stick at and plenty of reasons to get to Glasgow and see some of the best wrestling in the world fight it out to become the latest holder of the Square Go briefcase. The current holder of the briefcase, Chris Renfrew, is excerising his right to cash in his title shot like he did last year against the champion. This year, however, it’s not Drew Galloway standing in his way it’s the man that won the title at Fear and Loathing VIII, Grado.

This match is becoming more and more heated as the days roll on, Renfrew let his frustrations known about Grado being credited for “making” ICW in an article in Fighting Spirit Magazine. Grado hit back saying that Renfrew is just jealous of what Grado has accomplished and that he is living the dream…if fact I don’t need to write anything about this build up, you can just watch:

and Grado’s response:

It will be a tense affair at the Barras when these two square up with one of the most prestegious titles in wrestling on the line. This won’t be pretty, it won’t be a technical clinic, just a fight. Chris Renfrew has come up short before in his quest to hold the ICW World Heavyweight Championship and it’s evident that it will take everything Grado has ever had plus more to stop Renfrew’s journey to the top of the ICW pile.

The personal nature of this event is only supported by Liam Thomson’s need to rid ICW of his ex-girlfriend Carmel. The current ICW Women’s Champion returned at Fear and Loathing to crack Thomson with a chair as a mark of revenge for the similar assault that was handed to her months prior. This will be a rough encounter with both not giving an inch and giving as good as they get.

Lionheart has made it clear that he is looking out for himself more than ever, duping fans into thinking he reinjured his neck on route to stealing a win over Kenny Williams. Kenny got a measure of revenge at Fear and Loathing but it hasn’t quite closed the chapter on this story. Now either can scupper the others chance at gaining the Square Go briefcase and send them further away from climbing the top of the mountain. The initial Williams-Lionheart match really got all eyes on Kenny and a chance to go into the Square Go as a favourite at number 30 after beating Lionheart will be poetic but “The Bollocks” has to win this match first.

Kid Fite and Sha Samuels shocked many by defeating Polo Promotions to end the longest reign in ICW Tag Team history, it was third time lucky for duo after near implosion. The 55 now walk in as champions against the ever popular team of Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo, who have really embraced the love that the ICW fans have given them. There’s the added gang warfare, with Polo Promotions seemingly on the side of founder Mark Dallas whereas The 55 are firmly in, majority owner, Red Lightning’s pocket. All four are incredible athletes and this promises to be another really great match in their series.

The main event is the 5th Annual Square go – 30 Men, 5 Weapons, 1 Source of Absolute Power – is the tag line and it has never been more appropriate. Of the previous winners, 50% have cashed in successfully (Red Lightning – 2012, Mikey Whiplash – 2013), 25% have failed their cash in attempt (Chris Renfrew – 2014) and 25% never got to cash in their shot (Dickie Divers – 2015). So winning the Square Go doesn’t guarantee that the ICW World Heavyweight Title is just one match away but it puts whoever wins into the hunt and the champion on notice. There are battlelines drawn this year as Mark Dallas and Red Lightning have both entered and have their own “crews” behind them. Red Lightning with The Black Label and The 55 and Dallas with Polo Promotions and Noam Dar. The spoiler in this could be The New Age Kliq who have won the last two Square Go matches (Chris Renfrew – 2014 and Dickie Divers – 2015) and with the inclusions of Wolfgang and Stevie Boy it’s hard not to look past The NAK. But all that aside here are my FIVE picks for the Square Go in no particular order.

1. Wolfgang. My favourite to win this match, Wolfgang is big, he’s fast and it’s not going to be easy to eliminate him. Plus, the ICW World Heavyweight Championship is one of the few heavyweight titles that have eluded Wolfie in his glittered career.

2. Joe Hendry. He’s been a much watch when it comes to ICW. His entrances have been shared far and wide but now it’s down to business and having the Local Hero as Square Go holder is just best for business.

3. Joe Coffey. The Iron Man enters at number one in lue of the Iron Man challenge not taking place this year. Coffey has ridiculous stamina and it’s only fitting if Coffey lasts till the end and comes out victorious.

4. Drew Galloway. Can’t miss the former ICW World Heavyweight Champion. He’s still due a rematch with Grado over the title but what better way to do it than to choose a moment of weakness. If Renfrew walks out with the title, it would be turnabout to see Galloway cashing in against the leader of The NAK.

5. Lewis Girvan. An outsider perhaps but he is “The Best Young Wrestler” and “ICW Catchweight Champion”. Nothing will catapult Girvan further than winning the Square Go.

There you have it, a quick preview of The 5th Annual Square Go, personal vendetta’s will be exercised, blood will be spilled and body after body after body will be thrown over the top rope until one man remains with all the power. There is still a few tickets available so grab one while you can!

Matches Announced:
Carmel vs Liam Thomson
-Winner Enters The Square Go at #30 – Loser Does Not Enter The Square Go-
Kenny Williams vs Lionheart
-ICW Tag Team Championship-
The 55 © vs Polo Promotions
-ICW World Heavyweight Championship-
Grado © vs Chris Renfrew
-5th Annual Square Go-
Confirmed Entrants Include: Joe Coffey (Entrant #1), Mark Dallas, Red Lightning, Lewis Girvan, Jack Jester, Drew Galloway, Dave Mastiff, Michael Chase, Kenny Williams/Lionheart,