The Gordon Perspective: ICW Square Go Preview 24th January 2016

This years Square Go is looking like a cracker as the build up to it had been very emotional and very active.

First match signed was the inter gender match with current Women’s Champion Carmel and Liam Thomson. These guys used to be in a relationship but now hate each other that much that when Carmel returned she told him that they will face each other at The Barrowlands. At the contract signing she was power bombed through a table and Thomson will think he has the upper hand now going into the match.

Match two sees the number 30 position in the Square Go up for grabs when Kenny Williams faces a man who is no stranger to him in Lionheart. These two have had many altercations over the last few months and this match will be a cracker as whoever loses won’t be entering the Square Go match.

Match three is a return match for the ICW Tag Team titles when Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey) challenge The 55’s Kid Fite and Sha Samuels. The champs won the belts from the challengers with a little help from James R Kennedy and Timm Wylie but with this return match coming up, will Polo and Coffey have a trick up their sleeve to prize the gold away from The 55?

Match four is the one I am looking forward to as it pits two men who will rock The Barras on Sunday as World champ Grado defends the gold versus Square Go briefcase holder Chris Renfrew. The two of them have mouthed off at each other and will now settle it all in front of 1600 fanatical ICW Mafia Members.

The Square Go itself will be so unpredictable as Joe Coffey goes in at number 1 and Lionheart or Kenny Williams will be in at 30, the other won’t be in it at all..5 weapons will be brought in to the match at random times to be used. Added to the mix are the two fighting over control of the company, Red Lightning and Mark Dallas who will stop at nothing to tear each other apart, alongside of members if The NAK and many more.

All in all, a great event coming up on Sunday and I can’t wait to be there in person.

‘Til next time.

Gordon Perspective Out.

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