ICW Pin Pals Review | Universal Wrestling Reviews

Company: Insane Championship Wrestling
Show: Pin Pals
Venue: Brooklyn Bowl, O2 Arena, London
Date: 25/3/16

The guys from ICW returned for another amazing show to add to the others they have performed over the last few years in London. This was just as good as the shows in the past I think, the only thing that spoiled it for me slightly was right at the end of the show some idiots thought they would be really clever and throw pints of beer at the wrestlers. I would like to say this and leave it, as this has been said before. Firstly these guys are performing for you and you have every right to cheer or boo or come up with creative chants but just like any live event you go to it is not okay to hit or throw anything at the wrestlers. I think Progress say it best with the first rule of Progress ‘DON’T BE A DICK’ and if by some chance the morons who threw the pints see this and can actually read, that would surprise me as you are probably at a 5 year olds reading level, but hey as you sit there proud that you threw a beer at a wrestler and I’m sure you think you are the f****** man now but guess again your just a dick who wasted a perfectly good pint.

Anyway now I’ve got that out of the way on to the review of what was an amazing show that had a great card from top to bottom.

The show was kicked of by the absolutely hilarious Billy F****** Kirkwood and he was joined at the commentary table tonight by London’s Hardcore Icon Jimmy Havoc and as his knee was still in medical terms ‘F*****’ he would be at the commentary table and anyone who wanted to contribute to the ‘Get Jimmy A Beer’ charity were more than welcome to send a pint over to the commentary table for young Mr Havoc to enjoy.

Stevie Boy def Chris Renfrew

A sneak attack from behind with a steal chair gave Stevie the advantage as Renfrew made his entrance. The match from there was a hard hitting, fast paced match that could of gone either way as both men looked like they would be victorious. When Renfrew hit a Stone Cold Stonner on Stevie I was convinced it was over but Stevie kicked out at two. But the roll of victories Stevie has been on has been very impressive since he split from The NAK and once again he came out on top as hit hit his own version of a flip piledirver.

The 55, Doug Williams and Lionheart def Dickie Divers, Joe Hendry and The GZRS

All 8 men helped contribute in making this a very good tag match. It had all sorts of diffrent styles from comedy to high flying to brawling and so much more than you could possibly ask for from a match like this. It was my first time seeing the Geezers live and they are hilarious and very entertaining and I look foward to seeing them again in the future. A lot of this match most of the competitors spent it outside brawling and when Doug Williams managed to get Divers in the ring one on one he was able to finish him with a knee drop off the top rope.

Mikey Whiplash def Zack Sabre Jnr

This was a grappling masterclass. I knew ZSJ was one of, if not the best, grappler in the world today but if that’s the case then Whiplash is right up there along side him as he matched him move for move and hold for hold for the entire contest and Whiplash was even able to score the victory with a very innovative roll up.

London Street Fight
Bram def DCT

Revenge was the only thing on the mind as DCT finally got his hands on the man that ruined his wedding by piledriving Viper, the new wife of DCT, onto the wedding cake. This match was exactly what it says it was a fight. Both men beat the crap out of each other the highlight for me was when Bram back dropped DCT through a table on the outside. For all his effort and DCT did have Bram down but just could not finish him and DCT could not overcome the power and size of BRAM.

Wolfgang def BT Gunn

This was a match that had to happen at some point as Wolfgang had turned his back on The NAK and joined The Black Label. Wolfgang was victorious in this match but I doubt this will be the last time these two face off as after the match Renfrew and Gunn took Wolfgang over to the bowling alley and threw him down the alley, then attempted to hit him with a bowling ball but he got out of the way at the last minute.

Marty Scurll def Kenny Williams

A great match but what more can you expect from the best wrestler in the country, in my opinion, and Marty showed again why he is the best as he was able to catch Kenny Williams mid air and lock in his Crossface Chicken Wing. Kenny was impressive in this contest as he pulled of some absolutely stunning aerial moves but he was constantly cut off by The Villain who used his skill set to carry him to another impressive victory.

Joe Coffey def Iysten Rees

The Iron Man was victorious again as his mission to get a title shot looks to be going in the right direction. While impressive, Rees could not cope with the intensity of Coffey and when he hit a Discus Clothesline it was all over and the Iron Man celebrated with his Ultrons.

-ICW World Heavyweight Championship-
Fatal Four Way
Damo def Jack Jester, Grado and Drew Galloway

For the majority of this contest The Black Label duo Galloway and Jester double teamed Damo and then Grado but the two fan favorites managed to battle back at points but it was the size and power of Damo that was the deciding factor in the duel. Damo was able to retain the title after he finished off Jester. Then came a brutal beat down as The Black Label, who were also joined by fellow member Wolfgang and Bram, beat the hell out of Damo and Grado. Drew shot an awesome promo talking about how it was him that put ICW and British independent wrestling on the map. He then unveiled the TNA title and proclaimed he would win the ICW title back and be a true World Champion.

Then came the incident I spoke of earlier and that was the end of what was a brilliant show I just really hope ICW come back to London but I won’t blame them if they don’t, maybe they could come back to my home town of Norwich, as last time they did a show there everyone was respectful towards the wrestlers. It seems some fans can’t control themselves in London, it doesn’t happen at any other London promotions I have been to but it seems that every ICW show I have been to in London. This is a problem, like I said I have been to a show ICW ran in Norwich and one in Birmingham and there were no problems with this behavior, it seems to be just London.

Anyway I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in this show it was yet again amazing.

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