Another Five Picks For The WWE Global Cruiserweight Series


Here’s the thing with Scotland, we are bursting with great talent. Five picks ain’t enough, I need another FIVE!

Aspen Faith

The King of Catch, Aspen Faith. I have spoke a lot about Aspen Faith in various articles but I think my piece on him for Across The Pond Wrestling perhaps summed it up best. (CLICK HERE)

Lewis Girvan

The Best Young Wrestler has already amassed few titles already, being the current Interim Y Division Champion at Discovery Wrestling and former N7 Champion at Pride Wrestling. Girvan is technically sound with a wide range of ways to pretzel the competition.

BT Gunn

One of the best in the country, BT Gunn is an in ring marvel that unleashes vicious chops, kicks, basically his body is a weapon. Snapmare Necks have put it best (CLICK HERE).

Christopher Saynt

The Scottish Sinner is wily beyond his years. A former SWE Future Division Champion, Saynt has had his fair share of high flyers lying at his feet after being defeated. A ground and pound wrestler with a vicious mean streak.

Michael Chase

The high flying Michael Chase, the current RI Champion, has been tearing it up in Reckless Intent, Insane Championship Wrestling and Discovery Wresling with an upcoming match with a former WWE and WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Juventud Guerrera at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange on April 10th, what better way to put yourself on the map as a top cruiserweight and get plenty eyes on you than a show stealer with ‘The Juice’.

So there were a couple more of my picks for the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series, think I’ve missed someone obvious? Comment below!


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