Wrestler Spotlight: Scotty Swift

Hello, and welcome to a new segment on the website called ‘Wrestler Spotlight’. Here, I will take a look at a certain wrestler, with various facts about them. I will have one of these every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But to kickstart the series, we will be taking a look at the current Undisputed WrestleZone Champion, Scotty Swift.

– Adam Morrison

photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – Scotty Swift
Nicknames – “The Red Haired Warrior”
Companies Wrestled For -WrestleZone, Insane Championship Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, PureCATCH Wrestling, 5 Star Wrestling, Powerslam Wrestling, Scottish School of Wrestling and Irish Whip
Titles & Accomplishments
1x WrestleZone Tag Team Champion w/Jay Lethal (days unknown)
1x Undisputed WrestleZone Champion (525 days)
1x SWE Heavyweight Champiom (173 days)
1x SWE Future Division Champion (125 days)
2015 WrestleZone Regal Rumble Winner
Signature Moves – Granite City Driver (Death Valley Driver), Two Rivers Plunge (Tiger Bomb), Corkscrew Neckbreaker, Alabama Slam, Diving Back Elbow
Alliances – w/Jay Lethal, w/Zack Dynamite


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