Wrestler Spotlight: Grado

Hello to Grado’s Wrestler Spotlight. Whenever you think of Scottish wrestling, he’s always the first name that comes to mind.

– Adam Morrison

Alias – Grado, Matt Classic, Odarg the Great, Grado Dunbar, Grant Dunbar
Nicknames – The Chubby Wee Chancer Fae the Tap End of Stevenston
Companies Wrestled For – Insane Championship Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, British Championship Wrestling, SWA: Source, Triple X Wrestling, Premier British Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Pro Wrestling Elite, WrestleZone, Revolution Pro Wrestling, PROGRESS Wrestling, New Breed Wrestling Association, Fierce Females, Rock N Wrestle, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, House of Pain: Evolution, Tidal Championship Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, Future Pro Wrestling, Alpha Omega Wrestling, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, Preston City Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League, Target Wrestling, Main Event Wrestling, westside Xtreme wrestling, Absolute Intense Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, Herts & Essex Wrestling, Climax Wrestling, New Generation Wrestling, Alpha-1 Wrestling, 5 Star Wrestling, Freelance Wrestling, Swiss Wrestling Entertainment, Pro Wrestling Chaos, Remix Pro Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Pride, World Of Sport Wrestling, Over The Top Wrestling, WrestlePro, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling and Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
2x SWA Tag Team Champion w/Glen Dunbar (146 days, 35 days)
1x ICW Tag Team Champion w/Colt Cabana (14 days)
1x IPW: UK All England Champion (<1 day)
1x SWE Tag Team Champion w/Pascal Spalter (164 days)
1x PWE World Heavyweight Champion (149 days)
1x ICW World Heavyweight Champion (70 days)
1x PBW Tag Team Champion w/Kenny Williams (350 days)
TNA Feast or Fired Winner 2016 (Fired briefcase)
wXw 2015 Shortcut to the Top Winner
PWE 2014 Elite Rumble Winner
Signature Moves – Wee Boot (Big Boot), Roll’N’Slice (Cannonball), parodies of other moves e.g. Stevenson Roundabout (Brock Lesnar’s F5), RGradO (Randy Orton’s RKO), Rock Bottom
Alliances – Irn Jew w/Colt Cabana, The Lowlanders w/Glen Dunbar, w/Kenny Williams, w/Mahabali Shera, w/Pascal Spalter


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