Wrestler Spotlight: Lewis Girvan

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Wrestler Spotlight. This time, we take a look at the world’s best young wrestler in Lewis Girvan.


Alias – Lewis Girvan
Nicknames – “The Best Young Wrestler in the World”, “The Prodigy”, “The Untamed Youth”, “The King’s Road Warrior”, “The Renegade”, “Mr Discovery Wrestling”
Companies Wrestled For – Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Source Wrestling, Triple Team Promotions, Insane Championship Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, PAID Promotions, Preston City Wrestling, Pride Wrestling, Pro Wrestling ImPulse, Showcase Pro Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Discovery Wrestling, Target Wrestling, WrestleZone, Alpha Omega Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Elite, FutureShock Wrestling, CHIKARA, Absolute Wrestling, Celtic Championship Wrestling, Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, Defiant Wrestling, British Championship Wrestling, FutureShock Wrestling, Three Count Wrestling, Respect Pro Wrestling and TNT Extreme Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
2x Pride N7 Champion
1x Discovery Y-Division Champion
1x AOW Tag Team Champion w/Bobby Roberts & Liam Thomson
1x and only ICW Catchweight Champion
1x RPW Heavyweight Champion
2014 Pride N7 League Winner
2015 ICW Breakout Star of the Year
2016 Discovery Wrestler of the Year
Signature Moves – Saturday Crush (Bloody Sunday), Peacemaker (Crossface), Master Blaster (Flapjack/Codebreaker Combo w/Aspen Faith), TwoChrome Piledriver (Stereo Tombstone Piledrivers w/Aspen Faith), Apter Burner (Cradle Kneeling Reverse Piledriver/Diving Double Foot Stomp Combo w/Aspen Faith), Glowing Sea Driver (Tornado DDT/Spinning Death Valley Driver Combo w/Aspen Faith), Knee8 Interceptor (Drop Toe Hold into a Knee Strike w/Aspen Faith)
Alliances – The Kings of Catch w/Aspen Faith, The Kingdom of Catch w/Aspen Faith & Sammii Jayne, The Filthy Generation w/Stevie Boy, Aspen Faith & Kay Lee Ray, The Referendum w/Laird Grayson, Bobby Roberts, Liam Thomson, Scott Renwick, Carmel Jacob, Viper & Nikki Storm
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