Wrestler Spotlight: BT Gunn

Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of Wrestler Spotlight. This time we take a look at BT Gunn.

– Adam Morrison

photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – BT Gunn
Nicknames – “The Oddity”
Companies Wrestled For – Scottish Wrestling Alliance, British Championship Wrestling, SWA: Source, Triple Team Promotions, Insane Championship Wrestling, Premier British Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League, All Star Wrestling, Scottish School of Wrestling, Catch Wrestling Germany, North East Wrestling Society, Complete Revolution Wrestling, Showcase Pro Wrestling, WrestleZone, Pro Wrestling Elite, Pro Wrestling 4U, Dansk Pro Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, WA1 Wrestling, Target Wrestling, RAD:PRO, Rock N Wrestle, HXC Wrestling, Tidal Championship Wrestling, Revolution Championship Wrestling, British Empire Wrestling, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, Main Event Wrestling, Great Bear Promotions, House of Pain: Evolution, TNT Extreme Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling & Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum
Titles & Accomplishments
1x NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion (84 days)
2x ICW Heavyweight Champion (91 days, 133 days)
1x BCW Openweight Champion (532 days)
2x PBW Heavyweight Champion (650 days, 332 days as of 18/03/17)
3x ICW Tag Team Champion (154 days, 14 days, 42 days) w/Chris Renfrew
1x, and first ever, Target Wrestling Champion (517 days)
2x PWE Tag Team Champion w/Chris Renfrew (175 days, 238 days as of 18/03/17)
1x PBW Tag Team Champion w/Stevie Xavier (539 days)
1x Main Event Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Chris Renfrew (unknown)
1x Target Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Chris Renfrew (217 days)
1x BCW Tag Team Champion w/Stevie Xavier (1191 days)
1x BCW Heavyweight Champion (337 days as of 18/03/17)
RNW King of the North 2015 Winner
Signature Moves – Killer Boots (Diving Double Foot Stomp, also an elevated version with Chris Renfrew)
Alliances – The Playas w/Micken, Just Uz w/Stevie Xavier, The A-List w/KG Tyler, Lady L, Johnny Darko, Darkside, Wolfgang, Falcon & Micken, The New Age Kliq w/Chris Renfrew, Wolfgang, Stevie Boy, Darkside, Rob Cage, Dickie Divers & Kay Lee Ray


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