Wrestler Spotlight: Damian O’Connor

Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of Wrestler Spotlight. Today we’re taking a look at the former ICW World Heavyweight Champion Big Damo.

– Adam Morrison

photo credit Reckless Intent Wrestling

Alias – Big Damo, Damian O’Connor, Killian Dain
Nicknames – “The Reflection of Perfection”, “The Beast of Belfast”
Companies Wrestled For – Scottish Wrestling Alliance, 3 Count Wrestling, SWA Source, Premier British Wrestling, AMP Wrestling, Showcase Pro Wrestling, British Championship Wrestling, Triple X Wrestling, Triple Team Promotions, World Wide Wrestling League, Scottish School of Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, RAD:PRO Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling: Eve, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, Pride Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Ulster, WrestleZone, X Wrestling Alliance, Target Wrestling, HXC Wrestling, Romanian Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Elite, Reckless Intent Wrestling, House of Pain: Evolution, Discovery Wrestling, Tidal Championship Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, westside Xtreme wrestling, Rock N Wrestle, PROGRESS Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Heroes, FutureShock Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Chaos, Maximum Wrestling, TNT Extreme Wrestling, 5 Star Wrestling, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Absolute Intense Wrestling, Tier 1 Wrestling, Alpha Omega Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, German Wrestling Federation, Hungarian Championship Wrestling, Over The Top Wrestling, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling, New York Wrestling Connection & World Wrestling Entertainment
Titles & Accomplishments
6x SWA Tag Team Champion (later known as Unified Scottish Tag Team title) w/Pete O’Neil (28 days), w/Scott Renwick (63 days, 252 days, 20 days, 105 days), w/Micken (119 days)
1x SWA Laird of the Ring (168 days)
1x W3L Heavyweight Champion (364 days)
1x 3CW Tag Team Champion w/Scott Renwick (693 days)
1x W3L Tag Team Champion w/Scott Renwick (78 days)
1x SWE Heavyweight Champion (154 days)
1x XWA British Champion (612 days)
1x Pride Wrestling Champion (343 days – final champion)
1x ICW World Heavyweight Champion (155 days)
1x Reckless Intent Hardcore Champion (21 days)
1x Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champion (56 days)
1x WCPW Heavyweight Champion (69 days)
Signature Moves – Ulster Plantation (One-Legged Electric Chair Driver), Barn River Boot (Brogue Kick), Belfast Blitz (cannnonball through the guard rail), Jumping Senton
Alliances – Britain’s Most Wanted w/Scott Renwick, The Bravehearts w/Joe Coffey, Britain’s Most Wanted w/Adam Shame, Perfectly Natural w/Pete O’Neil, Psycho & the Beast w/Psycho Philips, The Shamrockers w/Pete O’Neil, The League of Handsome Gentlemen w/Jackie Polo & Jam O’Malley, The Official Community w/Jamie Feerick, Scott Maverick, TJ Rage, Charles Boddington & Mike Musso, w/Bo Jones, SAnitY w/Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe & Nikki Cross


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