The Life Of Smith: Evidently Penicuik

For the last two years, W3L’s Penicuik shows have emanated from the town hall on the high street, rather than the town’s leisure centre. Despite the more difficult set-up that comes with running the town hall (i.e. the venue has stairs), it does make for a more intimate atmosphere and is not subject to sports hall acoustics, which is always a good thing. This show also took place on a Thursday, a day that W3L have experimented running shows on this year and they have proven to do well, especially during the school holidays.

The show itself saw me wrestle Morado, a familiar foe of mine in W3L and someone I have wrestled in singles and tag matches over the last few years. There was an element of continuity as well, given the fact Rory Steel and I faced Morado and Nathan Reynolds in a tag team match last year in Penicuik and this was my chance to avenge that loss. The match against Morado was first on the bill, giving us the opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the show and it was another losing effort for yours truly, after Morado hit his signature flying body press off the top rope.

photo credit Jamie Jones

The rest of the bill included El Technico vs Taylor Bryden, a match-up featuring two very under-rated competitors that could steal any show in any part of the country, as well as the debut of Bobby Roberts as he faced Mike Musso. Unfortunately, the match between Joe Coffey and Danny Boy Rodgers did not happen due to unforeseen circumstances, but do not be surprised to see this match up announced again at some point in the future.

photo credit Jamie Jones

In a unique twist for those at the Penicuik show who purchased backstage passes, yours truly was included in the three person panel, along with Dave Jeremi and my opponent for the night, Morado. I decided to assign myself my own table, a unique chair and my own set of posters for this and as far as I know, it was the first time that a more villainous wrestler has been a part of the backstage pass experience for W3L. There was intentions for this experience to be filmed, but due to a technical error it will only exist in the memories of those who were there.

This show would prove to be my first of five shows over the course of four days, as the day after the Penicuik show would be the start of W3L’s annual Northern Tour, one of my favourite times in the W3L calendar and a time of the year that always sees interesting and memorable events take place. These will be documented in a four part blog starting next week.

– Lucian Maynard-Smith