Wrestler Spotlight: Lou King Sharp

Hello, and welcome to your Mother’s favourite edition of Wrestler Spotlight. We’re taking a look at one of the youngest stars in Scotland today, Lou King Sharp.

Alias – Lou King Sharp, Lewis Sharp
Nicknames – “Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler”, “[insert wrestler’s name]s Mother’s Favourite Wrestler”, “The Sexiest Man in Professional Wrestling”
Companies Wrestled For – Premier British Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Elite, British Championship Wrestling, Rock N Wrestle, Insane Championship Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, WrestleZone, Pride Wrestling, Vertigo Pro Wrestling, Showcase Pro Wrestling, Great Bear Promotions, Pro Wrestling Heroes, Tidal Championship Wrestling, TNT Extreme Wrestling, Dansk Pro Wrestling, 5 Star Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, Absolute Wrestling, Target Wrestling, Celtic Championship Wrestling, Copenhagen Championship Wrestling, Defiant Wrestling, Fight Club Finland, Scottish School of Wrestling, GBG Wrestling, Atomic Wrestling Entertainment, I Believe in Wrestling, Norwegian Wrestling Federation
Titles & Accomplishments
1x PWE Tag Team Champion
1x SWE Future Division Champion
1x Reckless Intent Hardcore Champion
1x PBW Tag Team Champion w/Krieger
1x WrestleZone Tag Team Champion w/Krieger
2017 PBW King of Cruisers Winner
Signature Moves – Sharp Splash (Diving Splash), Slick Kick (Single Leg Dropkick), Yibbidy Yabidy Boo (Wheelbarrow Facebuster/Diving Cutter Combo w/Krieger)
Alliances – Lion King w/Lionheart, GTA w/Donnie T, Proper Mental w/Krieger, Scotland’s Sharpest Tag Team w/Lucy Cole, Glaswegian Culture w/Kid Fite, The Fite Network w/Kid Fite & Krieger, Pure Dead Brilliant w/Kid Fite & Krieger, The House of Saynt w/Christopher Saynt & Theo Doros, The Glasgow Boys w/Logan Smith & Owen Jakks, The Aggression w/Kid Fite, Davey Blaze & Aaron Echo, w/Kris Travis, w/Michael Chase, w/The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago)
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