Wrestler Spotlight: Jackie Polo

Hello, and welcome to the beeeeesssssstttttt edition of Wrestler Spotlight. That’s right, today we are looking at Jackie Polo.

– Adam Morrison

Alias – Jackie Polo
Nicknames – “The King of Chat”, “Scotland’s Beeeeesssssstttttt Wrestler”, “Nature’s Gift to Wrestling”
Companies Wrestled For – Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Source Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling ZERO1, Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, Triple Team Promotions, No Limit Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League, Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Ireland, Pride Wrestling, WrestleZone, British Championship Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, Target Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Rock N Wrestle, Reckless Intent Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Elite, Tidal Championship Wrestling, Defiant Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, Over the Top Wrestling and Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum
Titles & Accomplishments
1x SWA Laird of the Ring Champion (189 days)
1x Pride Wrestling Champion (294 days)
4x ICW Tag Team Champion w/Mark Coffey (413 days, 21 days, 147 days and 57 days as of 15/01/18)
1x SWA Tag Team Champion w/Mark Coffey (865 days as of 3/9/17)
1x Target Wrestling Champion (147 days)
1x Target Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Mark Coffey (268 days as of 15/01/18)
1x PWE Tag Team Champion w/Mark Coffey (177 days as of 15/01/18)
Signature Moves – Polo-Plex (Bridging Fisherman’s Suplex), Shoulderbeaker, Old Man of Hoy (Pop-Up German Suplex w/Mark Coffey)
Alliances – The Better Half w/Mark Anthony, The Wild Boys w/Andy Wild, Polo Promotions w/Mark Coffey, DCT & Coach Trip, The League of Handsome Gentlemen w/Damian O’Connor & Jam O’Malley
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