Wrestler Spotlight: Chris Renfrew

Hello, and welcome to the latest instalment of Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re taking a look at one of wrestling’s greatest rebels in Chris Renfrew.

– Adam Morrison

photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – Chris Renfrew, Sweet Daddy P
Nicknames – “The Ladies Choice”, “The Batman of Bedlam”, “The Cunt of Personality”
Companies Wrestled For – Scottish Wrestling Alliance, 3 Count Wrestling, Triple X Wrestling, Source Wrestling, Triple Team Promotions, Insane Championship Wrestling, British Championship Wrestling, Pride Wrestling, RAD:PRO Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Elite, Reckless Intent Wrestling, Target Wrestling, Main Event Wrestling, Rock N Wrestle, Vertigo Pro Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, Adriatic Special Combat Academy, Pro Wrestling Ulster, Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Celtic Championship Wrestling and Preston City Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
1x SWA Tag Team Champion w/Chris Charizma (105 days)
1x SWA T-Divison Champion (511 days)
2x SWA Laird of the Ring Champion (98 days, 371 days)
3x ICW Tag Team Champion w/BT Gunn (154 days, 14 days, 42 days)
1x ICW World Heavyweight Champion (34 days)
1x Pride Wrestling N7 Champion (322 days)
1x MEW Tag Team Champion w/BT Gunn (length unknown)
1x Target Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/BT Gunn (217 days)
1x Reckless Intent Hardcore Champion (35 days)
2x PWE Tag Team Champion w/BT Gunn (175 days, 363 days)
1x MEW Heavyweight Champion (133 days)
2014 ICW Square Go! Winner*
2016 and 2017 CCW Celtic Cup Winner
Signature Moves – Stone Cold Stoner (Stunner), T-Virus (Double Underhook Piledriver), Killer Boots (Bearhug Hold/Diving Double Foot Stomp Combo w/BT Gunn), Superkick/T-Virus (Double Underhook Piledriver) Combo w/BT Gunn
Alliances – The Ladykillers w/Chris Charizma, Legion w/Mikey Whiplash, Michael Dante & Jokey, The New Age Kliq w/BT Gunn, Wolfgang, Stevie Boy, Rob Cage, Dickie Divers, Darkside & Kay Lee Ray, The Sinners w/Adam Shame, Chris Carizma, Colin McKay, Draevyn & Hatred, Street Justice w/Mark Sweeney & Adam Shame, The Tartan Mafia w/Adam Shame, Falcon & Jonny Milla, The Damned Nation w/Dragon Aisu, HT Drake, Alex Gracie, Lucas Archer & Rory Coyle
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*Also won the 2015 Square Go contract from Dickie Divers in a Ladder Match