Wrestler Spotlight: Sammii Jayne

Hello, and welcome to the first female edition of Wrestler Spotlight. Today, the spotlight is on Sammii Jayne.

– Adam Morrison

photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – Sammii Jayne, Princess Sammii
Nicknames – “Princess”, “The Queen of Catch”
Companies Wrestled For – Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, Fierce Females, SWA: Source, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, RAD:PRO Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, WrestleZone, Premier British Wrestling, Alpha Omega Wrestling, Rock N Wrestle, Empress Pro Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League and Pro Wrestling: EVE
Titles & Accomplishments
1x RAD:PRO Mix Tag Champion w/Switch
1x SWE Future Division Champion
1x Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion
Signature Moves – Jumping Enzuigiri, Bitch Please (Slingshot Cutter), Double Kneedrop
Alliances – BAE Club (also Team Besties) w/Debbie Sharpe, The Terrors of the Toy Box w/Switch and Euan G Mackie, w/Ian Ambrose, w/Aspen Faith


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