Adam’s Top 10…WrestleZone Battle Of The Nations Moments

Welcome to another edition of Adam’s Top 10. With WrestleZone Battle of the Nations coming up this Saturday, I thought I would take a look at some of my favourite moments from the North East’s biggest show of the summer.

– Adam Morrison

10. Colt Cabana Comes To Town (2011)

In the summer of 2011, independent wrestling icon Colt Cabana made his way to The Granite City. The fans were excited to see perhaps the most charismatic man in professional wrestling in a WrestleZone ring. Despite coming up short in his tag title challenge that night, Colt sure left a memorable night for all in attendance.

9. Chris McDonald Is In Charge (2014)

After Mr P left the management team to pursue a career in the ring, the position was left wide open. The new management representative was revealed at the 2014 Battle of the Nations, as WrestleZone commentator and podcast host Chris McDonald took up the role. Since then, he has made some of the biggest announcements in the company’s history, including Aberdeen Anarchy dates and guests.

8. Jay Lethal Wins Gold (2013)

After Jay Lethal was announced for Battle of the Nations 2013, fans were left wondering who his opponent would be. Eventually, management revealed that the current ROH World champion would be teaming with Scotty Swift to challenge the Team S.M.A.S.H duo of Aspen Faith and James Midas for their tag titles. In the match, Jay got the winning pinfall as he and Scotty won tag gold together. Despite having to vacate the titles due to Lethal being unable to return in time, fans were again left with a great moment to remember.

7. Crusher/Jester III (2014)

This was a great way to end one of WrestleZone’s most heated rivalries. After losing the title at May’s Aberdeen Anarchy, Crusher Craib earned his rematch at Battle of the Nations. Following a distraction from ringside attendent Thea Mainprize, who Jack used to coax Crusher into not using a chair at Anarchy, Craib nailed a Big Boot for his second reign with the gold. These two had one of my favourite rivalries in WrestleZone history, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them lock horns again.

6. Crusher Craib Destroys Richard R. Russell (2013)

Crusher Craib may have entered the 2014 Battle of the Nations as challenger, but he entered the 2013 edition as the champion. His challenger? None other than Sterling Oil CFO Richard R. Russell. Richard was absolutely destroyed in this contest, before Crusher decided it was time to end it with a Tombstone. Russell had to be stretchered out of The Northern Hotel that night, which turned out to be the last we saw of him for the next two years. More on that later.

5. Shawn Johnson Ends The Streak (2011)

When Crusher Craib first stepped foot inside a WrestleZone ring, the fans that a monster had arrived. No-one was able to defeat the Creator of Carnage. That was until Shawn Johnson stepped up to the plate in the summer of 2011. Shawn did the unthinkable at that year’s Battle of the Nations, as he pinned Crusher’s shoulders to the mat for the three count. Although he is yet to win the Undisputed title, Shawn proved that night that he was one of the top guys in the company.

4. Mr Malice Is Dead, Lord Mr Malice Is Born (2015)

At last year’s Proving Grounds show, Mr Malice failed to defeat Scotty Swift in his challenge for the Undisputed title, meaning he would not be allowed to join the newly reformed Sterling Oil. Afterwards, Malice was dismantled by the three Sterling Oil members, with his head planted into the mat by Alan Sterling’s DDT. As a result, Malice donned the cape and scepter, thus bringing Lord Mr Malice to our eyes. Now, I wonder if I was the only one that was that excited?

3. Doug Williams In WrestleZone (2015)

The International Ambassador for British Wrestling made his way to WrestleZone in 2015 as Doug Williams faced “Tenacious” Johnny Lions. Williams won the contest with the Bombs Away diving knee drop after a valiant effort from both men. Williams praised the Scottish fans after the contest for their love and admiration of wrestling. Williams and Lions shared a hug and a handshake after Doug’s speech as the fans cheered on both competitors.

2. Drew Galloway Comes To Aberdeen (2014)

When it was announced that former WWE star Drew Galloway would be coming to Aberdeen, tickets quickly went flying. The Scotsman would be competing in the traditional Battle of the Nations match against Englishman Andy Wild. After making his way through the curtain, Wild insisted that Drew put his newly won EVOLVE title on the line, a stipulation that was granted. Drew managed to retain his gold after a brutal Future Shock DDT before celebrating with the WrestleZone crowd. Drew has definitely been one of my favourite names brought over from WrestleZone.

1. Richard R. Russell Returns (2015)

Number 1 on this list sees Richard R. Russell make his return at last year’s Battle of the Nations show. After Damien failed to win the Undisputed title from Scotty Swift (he won by disqualification though), Scotty fended off the Sterling Brothers with a steel chair. A masked man soon emerged from the crowd and attacked Swift from behind. The man soon revealed himself as the returning Richard R. Russell. Since then, Russell has lead his men through many battles and has even enlisted the help of Shawn Johnson. Triple R has forced WrestleZone to feel his wrath once again.

And so ends another edition of Adam’s Top 10. On next week’s edition, we’re going to take a look at my top 10 favourite moments from this year’s Battle of the Nations.